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^ I have nightmares from time to time I might do the same - could happen too easily. Mental rule - always double check.


Glad yours survived SA!


Am enjoying my current configurations so much I don't feel need to roll either - except to cover a few broad options (e.g. try one of the recitifiers Lord Soth just reviewed on the CSP2 thread, so I cover the 5U4G end as well).

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The Genalex 6922 is a great driver tube. I prefer it to the stock 6N1P in the CSP2+, but I have the stock 6N1P's in the L/R position. Steve said he enjoys this combo also. So far so good.
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Update on my newly purchased Decware SE34i.5 integrated.  This amplifier has made my Klipsch Quartets sparkle. Blacker background, Classical music has better instrument seperation, I actually enjoy violins now. Better tone to instruments.  Midrange is very very good. I prefer instruments to vocals but this may change.   By the way the amp needs to break in yet.


Today i listened to Michael Jacksons One's CD....I think its well recorded and the 1st time I'v listened to this CD with this amplifier.

WOW is what I told my wife,  his voice , the instruments, everything was clear, concise and sharp, MUSICAL . These Klipsch quartets came alive... Unsure if my  lingo is audiophile grade but this 58 year old likes this amp. Wait until my Decware DNA speakers arrive...oh ya

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My CSP2+ has really opened up after 300+ hours on it....I really noticed it this weekend after about 4 hours of high res...The sound stage just opened wide. Give it some time and it will just keep getting better....biggrin.gif
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longbowbbs- thanks for the feedback. Only 250 hours to go.
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Seems like the Sylvania EL84 black plates get mentioned a lot.  Do you all have a good source for these?  Primarily Ebay?  


Originally Posted by SemiAudiophile View Post

True. It probably depends on what other tubes you're using it with. Right now I've got Sylvania EL84 black plates too and Sylvania TMBP Gold on Taboo. 3 JAN 6N1P'S on the CSP2.  I've been liking this configuration so much I haven't felt the need to tube roll. I still haven't bought the Genelex 6N1P? yet for the CSP2. 

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Frumpy, enjoy the ride. Breaking in a new Rachel is not tough duty!
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I just got a stark reminder as to how system dependent tube choice can be.  I tried another dac in my rig today and had to change out several tubes to make it work.  It is really difficult to recommend tubes when there are so many factors involved.

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Lots of variables xto be considered. I am very pleased with the DacMagic Plus combined with the CSP2+. What other DAC's are people using around here?
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Very true setamp. With tube amps our individual tastes are optimized and differences enhanced, and so it is really difficult to say that one Taboo (or whatever) can be compared to another Taboo (or whatever).


longbowbbs I cycle between EE MiniMax (not the plus), Bifrost and (my preference) Meier Stagedac. Two weeks ago I added the Beresford Bushmaster, which was released June this year. Apparently there's a history concerning head-fi and Stan Beresford which led to him being permanently blocked. 


I'm not interested in this history. Beresford's DAC is shockingly good for the price. It may be just good, period.


Still early days in my testing, but it's already clear there is an ability to resolve and separate tonal/timbral textures which makes the Bifrost sound 'veiled', not a word I would ever have expected to use with this DAC eek.gif


(Btw, mindful of the very point setamp made, I've been testing with one of the Meier SS amps).

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Beresford makes good DACs. I used to own the TC-7520. It's been a while since that name has been mentioned here lol. Don't care for the person, but the DACs are good value for the price. If I remember correctly, he basically modifies other DACs made in China and re-brands them just like what Oritek used to do. 


I like Audio-GD DACs. Using their NFB-10ES sabre and haven't felt the need to upgrade in a while. Clean, analog, and neutral. 

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I'm using the Oppo 95 as my DAC for my CSP2+. FLAC files are played via USB input.
It has the SABRE chip in it.

The audio quality is good enough for me.
My next upgrade will be when my Oppo player breaks down, maybe 10 years from now?
This player and the remote are built as solid as bricks! smily_headphones1.gif
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I agree with the Oppo build quality. My BD-83 is a tank.

I am considering the Metrum Octave with a Stello U3 for an upgrade to my DM+. Nothing wring with the Cambridge...Just the Head-Fi itch.biggrin.gif
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Head-fi itch indeed evil_smiley.gif


Had been considering the NAD M52 or PWD2 and others just to find out what a 'top' DAC is like. Against this, I found the three DACs I listed above equivalent in detail despite their 3:1 price range, differing only in their presentation and balance of highs and lows. I did not feel things could get honestly better than these DACs and the Decware amps.


The Bushmaster - the cheapest of the now four DACs - put a spanner in this thinking!


I'm trying to figure out whether I'm hearing an honestly better DAC; the result of a rare synergy with the Meier Classic and Taboo (two very different amps at the same time?!); or even a shortcut in the post-filtering which happens to favor the material I've used so far confused_face(1).gif


(SA, I found a post in which Stan explained he did and still does design work for an Asian company, and when he started designing his own gear they agreed to manufacture for him. Well, that's his story FWIW wink_face.gif)

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A BD-83SE showed up on Craigslist for $400.  Think it worth it?  I don't have a high-end blu-ray player and it would be an opportunity to try a quality CD player into the Taboo rather than a CD transport into the DAC-2.

......and then there is the BD-105 that just came out.  Could put that $400 into a $1200 audiophile source and blu ray player.  Never ends........tongue.gif


Originally Posted by longbowbbs View Post

I agree with the Oppo build quality. My BD-83 is a tank.
I am considering the Metrum Octave with a Stello U3 for an upgrade to my DM+. Nothing wring with the Cambridge...Just the Head-Fi itch.biggrin.gif
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