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ksc75smile.gif   Please inform me the balance

         I think I will go with the DACT

         USPS express mail international to Bangkok 10200, Thailand  ,    please

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My Aristaeus is coming.  Justin has just emailed me the excellent news.

Looking forward to try with the HE90 and SR009 with GEC B759's and GEC Philips ECL 86's

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Originally Posted by kiertijai View Post

My Aristaeus is coming.  Justin has just emailed me the excellent new.

Looking forward to try with the HE90 and SR009 with GEC B759's and GEC Philips ECL 86's

Wow...a big congrats krub!!

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just in sent the balance for one of these amps. it's suppose to ship after burn-in is complete.


hopefully my BHSE is not far behind.


thank you Justin.

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Money transferred for Aristaeus amplifier

Looking forward to the Aristaeus, the first in Thailand

Hope to compare with Chinsettawong's DIY T2 soon with the HE90, SR009, SR Omega and O2mkI


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Received the Aristaeus yesterday,  delivered by USPS express international

without any problem, no damage to the boxes, no problem at all at Thai custom

Will unpack and set up this weekend

@Justin ,Thanks so much

BTW what number is my Aristaeus   out of 18?

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It says on the back of the amp chassis.

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And??  popcorn.gif

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I can't wait until the weekend so I opened up the box today.

The Aristaeus amplifier and its PSU unit is much smaller than I thought

but what a craftmanship, the Aristaeus and its PSU is one of the most beautiful

amplifier I ever saw.  I cannot find my JPS aluminata power cable so I have to use stock

power cable via Hydra2 and the umbilical cord provided by Justin.  Again this umbilical cord

is robustly and beautifully built that it will last forever. Justin has provided a matched quad of Siemens

ELC86's as power tubes (I also have Philips made Mullard ECL86 's but I think I will keep the Siemens

for a while) and 2 new JJ ECC83's as drivers.  I am using the Lindemann 820S for CD

connected to Weiss DAC202  and I also use the oppo 83SE nuforce edition for SACD .

Both Lindemann 820S and Oppo 83SE are connected to the Balancing Act via balanced

Analysis plus golden oval and Stealth Indra RCA  respectively and I use the passive loop of

the Balancing Act to the Aristaeus via the Argento flow RCA analog.   I did not look at the serial number

at the back because I have set them up before I saw Milos 's message and I am afraid I may

mess it up.   At first I think I will try with the SR Omega (O1) first because I am afraid I will ruin

my HE90.  The O1 sang so beautifully , the bass response and soundstage are first class

much better than what I heard from the solid state Stax 727 with preamplifier function of the BA.

Again I cannot suppress my curiosity so I open my HE90 box and hook the HE90.   Lara Fabian

is singing "Adagio"  I hear your voice....... I feel you under my skin, deep in my heart my soul :

I realize this is the ultimate amplifier for the Orpheus, the lyrics of this song describe this combo perfectly.

I haven't done any tube rolling yet and I have prepared 18 months for that but I will leave that  part for a while.


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Wait until you plug the 009 in beerchug.gif

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How about a picture? 

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@Pachku : I don't have the SR009 with me now but I will have the SR009 + DIY T2 next week

(I will use  the Philips EL34 metal base and Philips EL34 XF4  + Valvo CCA pinched waist , XF4 are the tubes that you suggested?wink_face.gif)

@El Doug : Your HE90beerchug.gif is wonderful with the Aristaeus. Below are the pictures


I just stacked the Aristaeus over the balanced beta22 and Balancing act PSU, (this is not a proper place I will try to find new place for it soon)


The Aristaeus used a quad of Siemens ECL86 and a matched pair of JJ ECC83S which I later changed the JJ

to Mazda 12AX7s silver plate triple mica while the Balancing Act used Mullard AC044 as power tubes and Mullard

ECC35 short brown base as driver.  I played Adele "21" "Rolling in the deep" I tried to compare the LCD3 and other dynamic

and orthodynamic headphones using BA vs the HE90 + Aristaeus and the only headphones that came close was the Sony MDR R10 .

I need to send the LCD3 back to Audeze to check the driver to see whether it will perform better or not.  I also need to do the tube rolling

for the BA to match the performance of the Aristaeus because it can not match the dynamic, ambience and microdetails

of the HE90+ Aristaeus. Previously I thought the R10 + BA may be better in term of soundstage and bass but that's a tie now.

 I may try the WE300B engraved  or STC 4300B or globe PX4 as power tubes and Tungsol 6SU7GTY as driver

aristaeus front.jpg

aristaeus setup.jpg


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Yep, I'm running a set of brown base DD-getter Phillips tubes on the BHSE, and that works pretty well. My T2 is still in the works, so I'm really waiting for somebody to tell me which combination of 6DJ8 / EL34 works with the 009 biggrin.gif  Not too many possibilities to upgrade the amp after that, though...



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Aristaeus, HE90, Bach, and a cold IPA.  I'm melting. :)

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