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Musical Fidelity V can Mk II

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Anyone has any  feedback of this amp from MF? I do not find any review of the MK II. The MK I does not seem to have much positive review.

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I've got the MK I, but the specs look the same.  I don't have much to compare with, but it sounds fine, and the same as the headphone output of my hi-fi amp. The hi-fi amp has a very high output impedance, but my headphones have a flat impedance vs frequency curve, which is why the V-Can sounds the same, I think. I do think the "This means it will drive any headphone available with ease." sentence on the web site is a bit misleading, because the V-Can doesn't have a particularly strong output drive - if you like to listen loudly with high impedance headphones, I would not recommend this amp. 


The V-Can has a 5 ohm output impedance, which is not too bad, but is not considered low enough for the best quality with low impedance headphones. I.e - using the 1/8th rule, it is best suited for headphones of >= 40ohms. The 5 ohms impedance may be particularly unsuitable for some very low impedance IEMs. (and this is another reason I think that sentence is misleading)


I think it could be a bit overpriced now, considering the competition.





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It´s tough times for small amps made in the Vest, all that great stuff like FiiO, iBasso, Yulong and Matrix make a good pressure. You can buy a matching PSU for The V-Can II also, but 450 $ for the hole setup is only for the fans or noobs. I have the bigger X-Can V8 tube amp, a bit overprices and a lousy DAC, but it has been okay for the last year. Time to move on biggrin.gif     

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