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Cardas Clear Headphone Cable

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Wow!  These look pretty cool.  I wonder how they sound?



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Here's more info from the site:



Cardas Clear Headphone Cable has a separate cable for each ear, each featuring concentric, Matched Propagation Conductors, terminated like a miniature pair of Clear Speaker Cables.

The two parallel cables have a black & white fabric braid over the Alcryn jacket, and are kept together with several anodized aluminum joiners, with a custom machined Delron splitter.



Outside Diameter: .17"X2
Conductor Type: Concentric, Matched Propagation


Available with a single Cardas stereo 1/4" plug, or in balanced configuration with a pair of Cardas Golden XLR plugs.

Headphone options include Sennheiser HD800, Audeze and Hifi Man plugs.

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And a balanced setup picture:



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I like Cardas stuff but the look is not doing it for me.  Would rather have their regular cable!

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Originally Posted by Icenine2 View Post


how expensive are we talking about?

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Wow!  These look pretty cool.  I wonder how they sound?

Buy one - take a hit for the boys.... Write a review, and, sorry about your wallet........

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Do they sell this by feet?  It doesn't seem to be available online.

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Todd the Vinyl Junkie has these.  A 5 foot w/1/4" and Audeze termination is $648.....................Moon Audio Silver Dragon w/same termination $280 and it's silver (Duh).  Unless Cardas wants to send me cables out of the grace of all that is headphone I'll be getting the Moon's at some point.  

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Still waiting for reviews..... wink.gif

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I would think u have better result if u cut original cable into half length

and double up wire size.



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I hope that someone will be able to try it,post some impression and compare it against other cables regular_smile%20.gif

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Someone here got a pre-release test version months back.  If I'm not mistaken he was given this by Cardas so they could get feedback!  Lucky or what!  I guess we'll just have to wait until someone can pony-up $$ and give us feedback.

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It's on my list.

After I get my LF, I'm ordering an LCD3 and a pair of the Cardas Clears, so I'll add my 2 cents. Just not immediately.rolleyes.gif

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Excellent!  I own the LF so this will be great to read what your listening impressions are!

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