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Mods for CAD MH310 (Superlux 662F)

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Are there any mods that can improve the performance of these cans? They are really smooth, but quite flat even with a bass EQ. I was reading about some mods that can increase bass on other superlux models, but I have never modded headphones before, so I am unsure where to start.


Thanks. (I am a noob to this btw.)

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Anyone know?

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IIRC, the MH310/662F is pretty much completely closed, so I think you may be able to improve the bass response on them if you drill a hole in the right place, though im not sure where. That could be a last resort though since its irreversible lol. Cant think of anything else other than that; hopefully the more experienced modders can chime in

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Doesn't closed give better bass response? How would drilling a hole help with bass?

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I wouldn't drill a hole. Try adding padding to the inside of the cup and see what that does for you. I have a pair of 662fs which I have modded for my preferences (ie forward highs and flatter lows/mids). After doing a series of mods, if I remember this correctly, the only thing that I did which made them sound warms would be to add the foam covering the driver to the inside of the cup behind the driver. However, I did the mods so long ago that I could very well be mistaken. But try it, there is no harm done with experimentation like this. Get some foam or pollyfill or something and put is inside of the cup and see what happens. I think that I have a picture of the foam in the cup behind the drivers on my profile.

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So you opened up the cup and put an extra layer of foam? Interesting.

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Yes, it was the foam which was covering the drivers. After having removed the sticker, and the foam from the drives, they got a bit too sibilant. The "S" sound was overbearing. However, adding the foam which was on top of the driver to the inside of the cup fixed that problem. It was long enough ago though that I don't remember the exact effect it had on the sound, but as this is easily reversible (if you use foam other that the one on the driver that is) that it is worth a try. I have a list of all that I did to my set which I will link if I can find it.


edit: After some digging, I found my mods. It is post #11.


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thanks for the info. I may as well try it out.

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I forgot to add the latest mod which I did, for anyone who cares. I thickened the pads which both increased the comfort and made the bass a little more apparent. All that you have to do it take some paper towels or toilet paper (I used some quilt batting which was in sheets and happened to be nearby). However there is a problem with doing this. It will pull the pad off of the drivers. My solution to this is to tape the pads to the cups using scotch tape. I did this and it left no marks or anything once removed. I later replaced the scotch with electrical tape.

I don't plan on reversing any of these mods. My phones sound amazing.

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