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Yeah, the fi 10s are nice... but if you really want a balanced and crisp bass section I def would go with the pros (copper or golds). I say copper or gold because they are both good. They both offer a good platter of bass. Everyone says the coppers are flat and neutral (which is a good thing) but I think they have plenty of bass. Not as much as the Gold's spectrum, but it has a decent amount. Just a tad bit less than the Gold. The coppers tend to shine through the highs (which is difficult to find in a set of dynamics). however, although they shine, they aren't too bright. The Golds fall a tad bit short flat on the highs. (Others may disagree here) but I find that the Golds are fairly flat through the highs and underexpressed. All my opinions. Others may disagree, but this is the sound signatures I hear. If I had that choice, the pros I would go.


Bass heavy and mid bass bleed go with the regular turbines. Balanced lows and bass with crisp and punchy lows go with pros.