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The 80's

Radioactive - The Firm

Knocking at Your Backdoor - Deep Purple

Wildest Dreams - Asia

When the Heart Rules the Mind - GTR

Take Hold of the Flame - Queensryche

Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne


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The Jayhawks - Blue

Tom Waits - Tango Till They're Sore

The Smiths - Reel Around The Fountain

The Cure - Three Imaginary Boys

The Clash - The Guns Of Brixton

Arvo Pärt - Spiegel im Spiegel

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thank you so much

Originally Posted by bowei006 View Post

I will need to check them out. i am making this list fast so i have some others


Life is beatufityl -Sixx AM

Lose yourself -EMinem

Big girls don't cry -fergie

hero - skillet

in the end- linkin park

numb- linkin park


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So, my tastes are maybe not logical, but my choices, mostly due to the strength of the memories I have with them are,


#1 Night After Sidewalk - Kaki King

#2 Welcome Home - Tegan and Sara

#3 Credits song - Red Dwarf

#4 City of Angels - The Distillers

#5 Plateau - Nirvana

#6 Machinehead - Bush


There are many songs that are technically better, but these are the ones that have influenced me the most, so I think they deserve the title "greatest".

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My favorites: 


1) And You and I - Yes

2) Travel is Dangerous - Mogwai

3) Scorched Earth - Van Der Graaf Generator

4) Fat Old Sun - Pink Floyd

5) He is Coming at Tokyo Station - Happy Family

6) Awaken - Yes

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A mix of "greatest" and songs I like:


What's Going On - Marvin Gaye

Just Like You - Keb Mo

Someone to Love - Queen

God Only Knows - Beach Boys

Hallowed be Thy Name - Iron Maiden

Respect - Aretha Franklin


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i would go on and on


Golden earring - radar love

The doors - Rider on the storm

Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven


Van Morrison - Moondance

Pink Floyd - Wish you where here

Nazareth - love Hurt

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Very interesting thread! I want to listen to every single of those.


If I don't find my new all time favorite artist in this it's like nothing.


Okay maybe not my new all time best but I AM EXPECTING SOME GREAT TRACKS! :) lol



Asking for people to make a top 6 of their best (not artist, not albums, not headphones) SONGS on a forum like Head-Fi where everyone is so dedicated and entitled to their music is a great sharing idea, good job the OP. I'm sure you can read the personality of each posters in their top 6.

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