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Originally Posted by Evshrug View Post

Tube amps are one of the things that don't need to be debated over whether-or-not burn in exists; it does. I think the term "burn-in" even originated with tube amps! I love mine. What kind of tubes does Schiit include with the Asgard 2?


Asgard 2 is solid state - no tubes.

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Originally Posted by Brooko View Post


Asgard 2 is solid state - no tubes.

Shhh!  Tubes make it sound better.  ;)

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Originally Posted by GirgleMirt View Post

Shhh!  Tubes make it sound better.  ;)


It's true! I got a couple extra straws at McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's and fixed them to the sides of my C5. TOTAL DIFFERENCE! From solid state to hybrid just like that.

The McD's have a fatter, saltier sound.
The Burger King totally charbroiled the mids. Downright crunchy, with a smoky afterglow.
The Wendy's... they seem to offer the most variety in the widest range of frequencies, but the best thing about them is the chocolaty frostiness they bring to the lows. Mmmmmmm.
By the way, I am TOTALLY serious.











OK, not really :p



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Originally Posted by GirgleMirt View Post

Shhh!  Tubes make it sound better.  ;)


How come when I stream music over the internet it doesn't sound good? 


The internet is a series of tubes, after all...



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Sorry to keep bringing up the Q701 mod but don't do it if you plan on listening to the Q701 in a noisy environment (people do this with an open headphone?!)

I've got tons of computer equipment on in the background for work and it's kind of ruins the sound of the Q701. Luckily most of the time it's much more quiet.


For example, don't do it if you want to listen to your headphones while someone is watching TV nearby etc. You'll probably hear too much of what's going on outside your headphone.


I don't remember when I did the mod but probably a week since I've had it installed. It just sounds so normal now that I forget what the old Q701 was like.


I bet a modded Q701 sets the record for the worst isolation.


Liking the Q701 on the new Asgard 2 so much that I probably won't get to a second headphone for another day or two!

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Gotta agree with tdock. The Q701 is best in a quiet environment. I was listening in my laboratory, modding the mod (more on that in a bit), and the two PCs were quite noticeable. I even heard my wife in the kitchen below me, through open windows, when there was a quiet section in the music. I also heard the Q701 while she was listening to Hugh Laurie in another room. She tends to have things louder than most, I'd say, but still it was quite audible. That was when I had them "properly" modded.



to answer a couple earlier questions you asked, yes, I'm the guy with the Mogami cable on them. I don't use the stock, and won't unless I need a 1/4" plug, but because you asked, I did a comparison between the short stock and the Mogami. At first I thought the stock delivered more low end. Then I realized the Mogami is more detailed, so the bass/low end may seem a little lacking. That's definitely not the case (OK, I've no quantitative data to back that up :p). I also think that the added detail and clarity of the Mogami may make the sound stage seem just a bit bigger or more airy. I'm very pleased I had that cable made, but it may not be for everyone. It was pretty good with the mod, but...


TL;DWR (Too Long; Don't Wanna Read)

Try some type of foam. You might like the sound.


...I just didn't like the bass with the mod. For some things it was great, but when I found songs that have some serious low end, the emphasis was too much. So, back to the lab. First I went back to blue painter's tape, as it proved plenty sticky to hold. But the impact of the low end all but disappeared. So I pulled it, tested the mod again, then tried two different types of foam.


The first foam I tried is very soft and pliable. It can be rolled into a tube... haha!... so, not stiff at all. It came with a case I got from eBay (read: China), along with that far less porous, stiffer whitish foam packing stuff. Quite a nice case for storage, though maybe not as stiff as a Hippo (too rich for my blood). But I digress. This black foam was just about the right thickness to slide under the black plastic piece and screw that sit just above the bass port. It was easy to cut into any shape, but a rough square was about right. As for the sound, while there was more bass/low end, the overall sound was a bit muddied. Some people might even prefer that, as it wasn't terrible, but it wasn't what I wanted.


One nice thing about the foam mod, it's really easy to do and undo. I had a piece of thick aluminum or thin sheet metal from which I cut a strip, then bent one end into a curving 90 degree angle (hope that makes sense). With that I could carefully get the foam under that plastic piece, and thus cover the port. The other end was good at pulling it back until I got the foam where I wanted it. DIY tools FTW  :wink:


The other type of foam I have came from the box for my Grado SR225. It's nice and stiff, and the porosity is different than the other. The trick was to cut it evenly and with the appropriate thickness. That was definitely the most time consuming step. In the end I used a fresh razor blade for a box cutter. That was the only thing that would cut through it with any sense of controlling the cut. My desk is littered with foam scraps. The sound regained its clarity and detail, and the bass is controlled the way I want it. While there's more than with tape over the port, it's decidedly less than the open port. So clearly it won't be for everyone, esp. if you're happy with "the mod."


I'm not sure it's worth it for those who tried the mod but reversed it. That depends on how much you like taking apart and reassembling your Q701. One note of caution on that: I've now got a stuck screw. While I could probably force it out, I'm not inclined to, as I'm very happy with this modded mod. Guess I unscrewed that one once too often. If the sound were really bad, I'd force it out, for sure. Just something for which you should be prepared if you mod a lot.


Cheers  :k701smile:

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Originally Posted by GirgleMirt View Post

Shhh!  Tubes make it sound better.  wink.gif
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Open headphones with as much as a fan in the background ruins my experience completely so this isn't news to me.

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Chiming in to say I really love the Woo WA22 with the Q701, primarily for acoustic music. And a warmish tube combo.. Delicious!
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I agree. Tubes are great with this can. I use my Little Dot and am looking to upgrade to the MKIII soon.

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Originally Posted by Advil View Post

I agree. Tubes are great with this can. I use my Little Dot and am looking to upgrade to the MKIII soon.

If you meant Taboo MKIII, then be careful with DAC and DSD playback.  My TEAC UD501 DSD DAC has severe noise issue with MKIII that Decware couldn't figure out while DSD playback is flawless on my other amps.

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I just got the Redco cable. I will be posting pictures and impressions at some point. :D

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Early impression are:


- It makes the headphones slightly less brithger, I wouldn´t say warmer because I think the change comes basically in the very high end of the spectrum. It becomes a little bit softer and less "edgy" and "sharp" in the treble.  I think it´s easier to listen to for long session and is less fatiguing, still, for some songs I still prefer stock I think I prefer it over stock..

- It´s easy to notice the higher impedance in the cable as well.

- Much heavier and stiffer, but definitely very well built.

- In the beginning the color disappointed me but I´m liking the combo looking in the end.


Footnote: All these impressions are over a modded Q701.


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How long is it and how much did it cost you? I want one but I think I'll do a white sleeve.

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Originally Posted by Advil View Post

How long is it and how much did it cost you? I want one but I think I'll do a white sleeve.


My 5-footer (perfect length) cost $25 with the Techflex.

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