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Ibasso D10 Cobra Problem

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I have just connected my Ibasso D10 to my laptop via USB when going to listen to some music and have found that it is only transmitting audio signal on the right channel.


However, when I connect my portable mp3 player to the Ibasso using the aux in port on the front of the unit then it works perfectly and outputs on both left and right channels.


Does this mean there is a problem with the op amp chip inside the amp? If so should I try swapping the op amp chip with the other one that was supplied with it?


The unit is more than one year old so will be out of warranty now :-( 


I would be very grateful for any advice on this as I am no electronics expert and I have only ever opened the amp once when I first got it, just out of curiosity to see what it looked like inside. I haven't replaced the op amp chip yet, it is still using the stock supplied one.

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Interestingly enough I have also just found that if I plug my headphones into the AUX IN/OUT port when the amp is connected via USB to my computer then it outputs stereo sound.


It is only when I plus my headphones into the "headphone" socket on the front and I use a USB audio source that the problem occurs.

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I had a good experience with an out of warranty D-10.  I emailed customer service, they said to mail it to China.  I was hesitant, but try fixed it and mailed it back.  Give that a go.

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I´ve exactly the same problem with my Cobra. Here is the answer of iBasso support:


"We encountered this problem before. The internal switch inside the AUX IN/OUT port was defective and cause this problem.

We can send you free replacement part. But you have to pay for shipping."


I send the money via papal before one month, but no part arrived so far:-( Also emails were no more replied...


I´m sad!!! Do you now where to get this part (AUX IN/OUT port of iBasso D10) anywehere else in the internet?

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