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-That really depends on how often you cook. Good copperwares are quite expensive (Mauviel & Falk), but they'll last a long time (decades, if you take care of them). I switched from stainless to copper a couple of years ago, and the difference is not unnoticeable.

Couldn't agree more, we use copperware pans and though they did cost a lot of cash at the time they are superb to cook with and still like new after many hours of use over the years

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I am quite picky bout my cookware. I currently use Calphalon one anodized, not the nonstick. I love them. I have to be able to sear on the range then throw in the oven to finish. My other favorite pans are the all clad copper core. The redesigned the handles that I could not stand and I do love the new ones. As far as cutlery I use Hiromoto AS Japanese knives. They have a carbon edge surround by stainless steel. I cant stand anything other than a french top or gas burners. I hear induction is the new thing but have yet to use it.

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Thanks, all!

I might keep the Calphalon - I have 25-30 pieces in excellent shape, all in their older anodized format without nonstick coating. Copper or stainless might be better, but these work well.

My Henckels/Wüsthof knife set was "borrowed" by my parents. They have also "borrowed" some furniture, my AMT speakers, a favorite cat, among other things. Yes, we get along great and I love them and we get along great, but they have a way of taking what they want.

Anyhow, I might pick up a new Wüsthof or F. Dick set. Though I'm not unhappy with the cheap forged Calphalon knives I have. I picked up a paring knife, chef's, bread, santoku, and steel for $7-$20 each. All the knives are forged and not too bad. Adding a carving knife for $20-$30 might be a cheap way to finish off a set.

I've also been looking at used appliances. Some good quality cooktops, like Wolf and Viking, are turning up for $500-$1,000. The bells and whistles aren't important - I'll avoid anything with circuit boards. I'd add an electric convection oven for roasting/baking.

And yes - the house is a good deal. They're asking $54k, but it should go for a little under $50k cash. It'll take some work, but it'll make sense. No mortgage, no car payment, and about $10k into a solar system will mean almost no utility bills. This could turn out pretty well. smily_headphones1.gif
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I like Calphalon, but where is a house 54K? 


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Down here in Yuma, Arizona. The market collapsed.

Fairly nice place, though. 3 bed, 1 3/4 bath, about 1,200 square feet. Biggish lot (oddly shaped) but there's a garage, utility room, small workshop, pool, and a big patio. If you can find work here and can take 115° F summers, it's not so bad. You can get lots of stuff cheap in Mexico (15 minutes away) and summer evenings/nights are actually quite nice. It'll still be about 90° out and a pool will be around 90°, too. You can have a nice warm dip in the pool and hang around outside all night in swimming trunks.
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Anyone have any experience with Le Creuset?  Got a piece for my gf and she swears by it.



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Originally Posted by james93 View Post

Anyone have any experience with Le Creuset?  Got a piece for my gf and she swears by it.



they make some amazing cookware. Have a couple of roasters made by them... and my favorite risotto pan was a bouillabaisse pan of theirs (sadly now long gone). 


I use my big oval roasting pan all the time. Built like a tank. Very even heating and heat retention. 


Spendy - but mostly worth it. They'll last nearly forever (enamel over cast iron is tough stuff). My mother has been using the same set of Le Creuset since the early 1970's.

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I've used a large Le Creuset dutch oven for years. Excellent stuff. You pay a price but it lasts and lasts. It does double duty as a high walled skillet and oven safe pot - great for making curries, stir fried noodles, soup, pasta sauce - pretty much whatever. Probably my most used piece. If it doesn't get lost in one of our frequent moves, I expect to hand it down to one of my kids.

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Pudu - that's exactly the one I was calling my Oval roasting pan. Dutch oven - that's the word!


Great stuff. 

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We have a Crueset skillet for steaks that cost a shed load of cash but performs brilliantly 

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  That Dutch Oven Oval is the one I got her and she wants me to get the Grill pan to use indoors, Think I'm going to pull the trigger and also get myself a Dutch Oven Oval.



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It's pretty badass. Great size for a 4ish lb chicken to roast whole...

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Cooked with a Scanpan ceramic titanium skillet for about 2.5 yrs almost daily with metal utensils.  The handle is still tight and it still cleans very easily, would recommend it to anyone looking for a good value non stick pan, although my next purchase will be a De Buyer mineral, or a copper pan, just to see the difference.

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Big Le Creuset and Wusthof fan here. Got the cassarole for our wedding las t year, and have subsequently bought the large nonstick pan and various odds and ends since then. Still want to get the skillet pan for roasting. The quality of their stuff can't be beat. My mom still uses her cassarole that's over 35 years old now.


As for Wusthof knives, the 8 inch cooks' knife is regarded as the 'chef's six shooter' and standard goto knife amongst many restaurant chefs. I have that, the tomato knife, utility and santoku knife. All are fantastic. At some stage I'd like to get the Global cleaver (dead sexy) but unfortunately I don't need a cleaver very often so am struggling with the justification for getting it.


Scanpan at a slightly lower price bracket seem to offer quite good value as well.

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I currently use my mothers la creuset dutch oven (its 2 years older then me) and its great. amazing piece of gear.


A recomended upgrade is the replacement of the bakelite lid handle with the aluminium one.

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