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Although I live in New Jersey, I am likely traveling that weekend, and will possibly be in the area.  If I am, I would love to attend.  I can re-post as the date gets closer to confirm and list equipment I can bring with me.

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I might attend. I have HF-2's and a LD MKIII this time. Maybe an upgrade between now and then. 

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Any update on the date?

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Originally Posted by bcg27 View Post

Any update on the date?

scompton made reservations for 1/21 I thought. 

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Yes but he mentioned a page back or so that he was going to try to move it to a week or two later I believe

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I still have the reservation on the 21st. The library isn't available on any other date.  If someone knows of a place it can be a week later, HiFiMan will be able to have stuff there, but not on the 21st.

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Did you guys like the place we had the meet at time before last? I liked the library/staff/location a bit more. Maybe I could try that one out?

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My reservation is in the Westover library, same place as before.  Unless I missed a meet.

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Yes, last meet was in the Westover Library but I was saying maybe we can change the venue to the Fairfax Regional Library. This is the venue we had prior to the Westover library. I'm not so sure about the size though. Maybe another library in Fairfax county instead? I would really like to move the date so HiFiMan can bring stuff out. 

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The meet before that was in the Annandale library and it was a pretty big room.  Do you have to live in Fairfax County to request it?

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No you don't have to live there. I can reserve the room if it is any inconvenience. 

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If you can that would be great.

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Agreed. It would be really good to hear the hifiman stuff.

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Gu7s I am 2 hrs from DC if you guys want to come up on Jan 28th you are all most welcome. I will have tons of HiFiman stuff here and one LCD3 so far oplus all of the other flagships

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Thanks for making the reservation, scompton.


So that date is 21 JAN 2012?

Address is 1644 N McKinley Rd, Arlington, VA? (

What is the meeting time? (Between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM.)



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