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I think you need to contact Sennheiser in that case.

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I replaced my batteries with Eneloop XX 950mAh AAAs and my RS 220 is now working as well (maybe better) than when it was new. In retrospect, I think that my complaints about the batteries was not a fair criticism of the RS 220. However, Sennheiser could do a better job explaining/setting expectations on battery life. I think that battery issues may be the source of many RS 220 complaints. Going forward, I'll be replacing my batteries as soon as I notice more dropouts or less charge time. If the enlopes behave like the stock batteries, I expect this to be in around eight to ten months.

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Hello, I am wondering if anyone in this thread still has and uses the RS 220? Is it better now or still an awful product? I wanted one but after reading all the posts I have second thoughts. I am hoping people that may still have the RS 220 can let us know how they are after a years time.


Thanks, Rick

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A year after buying them, I still have my RS220s.  I've been fortunate not to have the micro drop-out issue.  I use my pair mainly for gaming, and I enjoy them.  The walls in my apartment are too thick to be able to use them when walking around to multiple rooms, but if/when I move, they'll probably get more head time. 


They get a bit warm, but they're really comfortable in general.  They're also not the most detailed headphones you can get at their price, but of course you're paying for the convenience of having wireless cans (and not needing an external amp).

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hi sorry to bump this up...it has been many years, we are finally in the situation of needing two pairs of wireless headphones to replace the hometheatre because our newborn baby.


i have been looking into RS220 and RS180...I can get two pairs of RS220 for really good deal (close to RS180), but I live in a high rise condo there are tons of wireless around me.

And theres no return policy from where I am buying. Just wondering if its safer to go for RS180 instead?


they are mainly for watching movies. 

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In case of movie watching and network reliability I would choose the 180s. For music listening, the 220 is better however (If you can get it to work 100% all the time)

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Thanks Ultrainferno, I was originally going for the RS180.. but seem like this deal is too good to pass. Having two transmitter means I can have one for PC. And pairing them with HT use at any time...

Just wondering if anyone familiar with Sennheisier support in Canada... just in case if **** happens I can still return them to Sennheisier Canada and get two pairs of RS180 instead maybe?

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I am wondering if you can change channels in RS220. likesomeone said switch wifi channel to "11"

here is the avaible wifi network arounds me




i am not sure if this information means anything?


We are thinking of buying two pairs either RS220 (on sale) or RS180 today. Thanks!

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just an update...i bought two pairs of RS220 today. So far no drop issues...Very comfortable, HD600 like wide sound stage, perfect for movies.

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I sold both the 180 and 220 as I didn't need them anymore but I never had a problem with the connectivity on the 220 and I do think it's the best of both by far. Good choice. enjoy!

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Just as a data point, I've been using my factory-refurb RS-180s for IIRC over a year now, an hour or two most days, with no problems whatsoever.   When using them, I never notice any deficiencies in the sound (even though I could find some with a A/B comparison to the flagship wired headphones I use when I am only listening to music and nothing else).




In regards to the RS-220, I've read the whole thread over time, and I have not read anything that could not be explained due to:


* Interference from other WiFi devices (note the post where the dropouts went away when he changed his router to Channel 11).


* Batteries slightly low (There is a major satellite TV company whose Phone Reps screens have "Did you change the batteries in your remote" on the top of every screen for every problem.)  (Note that the RS-180 and 220 batteries are not expensive and easily changed.)


BTW, the sound quality difference between the 180 and 220 should be the same difference as between HD-598 and HD-600 respectively.

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Hi Everyone


Ive been looking around for good quality wireless headphones and have read most of this thread. I am looking at both the RS 220 and RS 180. I was wondering if anyone knew the cupsize of either of these models? I have fairly large ears and have had trouble with almost all headphones I have used due to my ears not fitting in them properly. I have read that the RS 220 is bigger but am worried about the dropouts as I don't really have any options for returning then where I am from so I want to try and work out if either of the pairs will fit my ears properly.



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I have the RS180 right here.  They are a D shape.  Back to Front is 1 3/4 inches (measuring just the inside hole).  Top to Bottom is 2 1/4 inches (measuring just the inside hole).

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Hmm that seems a little small for me. If ears are too big Is it possible for the ears to wiggle inside and fit underneath the cup sort of like the Bose Quiet Comfort 15? Or would they just have to sit on top of the cups?



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I am not familiar with those Bose.  The pad is not rigid, it has some give, and so it might stretch a little and thus the pad would on and against the ear, in the same as a sock or a glove is on a hand or foot, rather than around the ear.


But that would depend on the exact shape and size of the ear, I cannot predict anything in advance.


You might want to buy from a place that takes returns, like Headroom or Amazon.

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