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Audio Technica ATH-M35

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So there's really not a whole lot been said about these headphones.

They're sold at my Local Best-Buy and Future shop for $79.00, $53 online but apparently were about $135.00 when released retail. 

I'm aware that Audio-Technica tends to boost their headphones with overpricing...

And from the description of those headphones I gather that they're a monitoring entry level headphones.


My question/s are, to anyone who owns them or had them or used them long enough to give a proper verdict.


How is the construction, feel and comfort level -


How do they sound, Amped vs Non-amped. I'm trying to figure out whether they'll be good enough for daily portable use such with an iphone-4 or ipod touch and such. I read that they have a 65 Nominal impedance and 100db sensitivity, which makes me skeptical about buying them for that usage.  So for that matter, does anyone know what is the output for the phone-out on the iphone-4? I know it supports only 20hz-20Khz in frequency response, which matches the Audio-Technica, but other than that, not many specs are given in regard.


So, the question is, will they be easily driven by the iphone-4, and I mean to be loud enough and with room to increase.. Currently I'm used to anywhere from 50% - 75% on my iphone with different headphones.. but anything that has to be driven at 80% - 90% is a No-Deal for me.



As for comparisons, I'm sure that some would claim that they're lower in quality while some would claim the other way around. So for my sake and frame of reference, how do they compare in sound to the following: 


Kicker HP541

Sennheiser HD-428, 418, 202-II and 205-II

Shure SRH-240

Sony MDRV500 DJ or Sony MDRXB-500 (XB-bass)

Philips O'neill Stretch


I would appreciate any feedback.

Thank you.

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I've seen them, not tested them, but seen them in recording studios. As far as I remember. But I wouldn't recommend them. The producer only had them because some people like to drop cans.


Go MDR-V6 or Shure 240 around that price range.


V6 if you have an amp, 240 if you don't


And the two above, blows everything you listed out of the water, except the 240, it's the same.


Order online and wait for shipping to save money. You can do it man, it's all about patience!

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I see..

It seems that you're advocating the Shure SRH240 pretty strongly over all those other cans (less the V6 which I haven't heard)


I probably should've said so previously, but all those cans that I've mentioned, I owned and tested... and yes, I personally did prefer the 240's over the others, with authority might I add. Actually I found them and the Kickers fairly similar while the Kicker had a lower and deeper sound signature...


Out of curiousity, since you haven't actually heard the Audio M35, why would you not recommend them? 

I take it that the producer is using them since he either doesn't care if they break or that they can take the beating and are quite durable.. or perhaps a little bit of both...


Coincidentally, I will be heading to the states tomorrow (I live in Canada) and might be visiting the local best buy there which carries the Shure SRH440 and the Sennheiser HD280 pro at lower prices...


I heard very little of the 440 but with break in and such how do these fair?

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Actually, I think the 240 is seriously lacking in bass, and I worry about the construction--the plastic makes it lightweight, but it doesn't feel very strong. I think the 240 doesn't fold either, if that is a concern for you.


AFAIK the M35 is a foldable variant of their M30, which I have heard. The M30 is more balanced than the 240 and was more than good enough for a friend of mine, who is an indie alt/rock bassist, to use for years on end. If the M35 is sonically the same as the M30, I would say it's a very decent buy.


**Note: I tried the M30 out of my iPod Classic, which does not sound as 'warm' as the iPhone 4. Many people prefer a slightly warmer sound; the iPhone 4 is also reputed to have the better-sounding headphone output.

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It's true, the 240's don't fold.

Personally I didn't mind they're sound, and yes, they do lack in the bass department.. I mean, it's heard, but not felt, and doesn't have much extension to it. However, mids and his are very good in them; well, among the headphones I've tried an owned at least.


Yes, the iphone-4 output is beefed up and especially in the low-end. I did a comparison a/b of similar songs and there's a difference intensity..

How much of it I'm not sure since they're not listing the impedance and the sensitivity of the output.. Some have claimed at 65ohm, but I doubt that. 40 sounds more like it...


So how do those 30's sound exactly?

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Keep in mind this was quite some time ago:


I found the M30 to have the bass that the 240 lacked, but did not think it lacked clarity. My audition with the M30 was quite brief, but I think it was worth much more than its asking price, and I still trust my friend's recommendation--he's tried stuff the likes of Senn's HD 650, HD 25-1, UE TripleFi 10 and still thought the M30 was great. Not just great for its price, great in absolute terms.

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I see... well, I might give the 35's a test on my iphone this monday.


Any ideas how they compare to Shure SRH440 or Senn HD280pros?


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Sorry, no clue about the HD 280--it's been too long since I've heard them, so I've forgotten how they sound. 

I used to own the 440 and was very happy with its sound, just not its fit (earpads too thin, so the grills squashed my ears). Sonically the M30 did not strike me as being inferior to the 440, although its padding was certainly cheaper; I hear you can get Pearstone velour pads to replace the stock ones for $20.

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Thanks for all the help guys, much appreciated.

For now I decided to ahead with the Shure SRH440's.


And out of the box they sound pretty **** good, and are easily driven from my iphone. Obviously they will benefit from an amp, but that's good enough for me now.

Let's hope they last.

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