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ATH M50 Mod Thread

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Not sure if this has been done before.



img1125c.jpgiPhone Remote Cable mod:


And a paint job.

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A detachable mod would be nice. I am thinking of doing this when my V6 cable wears out.


Now the remote cable addition would be cool too if you were to recable it. It looks/feels pretty wimpy. I had one of those but ended up never using it cause it wasn't fully compatible with my old 3g. I need to upgrade my iphone anyway.

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The pic was just to illustrate but yea im planing to recable. The problem is make a remote that will look good (and work). Maybe salvage the PCB re-solder buttons when im on the go and use the proper cable when home. (Original M50 jack doesnt fit with the Apple bumper anyways).


Should i recable the inside of the pair as-well with quality cable?


Planning on painting the logo in blue (or dark red) to make it stand out.


Yea not like that:



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Or just get something like this:


Screen shot 2011-07-05 at 8.28.34 PM.png

Remplacement Cable for Beats with controltalk


Even if fake woud be probably better then cooked up DIY made one


ebay Link ($ something cheaper since most likely fake)

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Opened my M50's and removed the damping material, i noticed that the bass sound deeper. Didnt notice anything else in the mids or treble.


is it a first impression of a more opened can? What is the purpose of this damping foam? Outside insolation?


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Amp or no amp? Assuming no amp due to the nature of this thread,my take is that the M50's sound very good from a good DAP, but with a good amp they are a whole new beast.

I love modding stuff" and I also love my M 50's, but I have to say that personally, the best mod to these awesome cans is a good amp. I like the idea of iPod/pad control, so I'm in on that! But just wanted to let those who don't yet use an amp and have these cans know that a whole new world exists when the M50's have a bit more power pushing them.
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I am using a Cmoy amp to power my M50's when im on the go and im am building a SSHM tube amp for a desktop use.


Im am trying to find a low profile female conector for the detachable mod. It is not easy because you dont really have a feel for the size when shopping online so i will be going to my local electronic shop to find the best suitable jack to have the least impact on the inside plastic of the cup.


I will be putting a male jack at the end of the cut stock cable when i use my M50's at home. Im sure the Monster remplacement cable with the Apple compatible remote im my best bet when on the go.

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I'm actually helping a Head-Fier and recabling his M50's so they'd work with the Shure MPA-3C adapter.
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Got any pictures? Very nice cabling by the way, seen your album.


What justifies the price of the the Shure MPA-3C adapter?


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No clue haha, he just wanted it to work with his adapter. I guess so you can swap it out for a better extension cable at home when you don't need the mic.

Thanks, Brendan
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I've tried replacing the dampening material with cotton which brought out the mids but killed the bass. What I've done now is stock felt dampening material with cotton all around the cup to stop sound reaching and bouncing off the plastic.




I need new headphone pads for my M50s, I'm going to try to make my own headphone pads out of lambskin, wish me luck.

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if possible, post pics of the process and finished result and comments in this thread please


thread for custom pads

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Yes keep us posted!


You may consider the DT-250 Velour pads that fits on the ATH M50 (buying some for my M50s):



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It was done for me. I can take completed pictures when I get home.


I was tired of having to use my cheap iPhone headphones every time I needed to be able to talk hands-free. Using my ATH-M50 I could still talk on the phone before, but I had to listen through the headphones while talking through the phone microphone.


As for why the MPA-3C, I already had one and I didn't pay full price for it, but it works.


Originally Posted by TestSubject View Post

Got any pictures? Very nice cabling by the way, seen your album.


What justifies the price of the the Shure MPA-3C adapter?



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Hello Test Subject,


I own a pair of M50's and I am content with SQ but comfort for me is a definite negative at this point in time. Can you please tell me how the dt-250 pads feel. As they are really uncomfortable I find them really fatiguing =.



Cheers, Alex.

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