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IEM recommendation ($100-120)

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Hello everyone:


To make my long story short, I own a pair of Grado SR-80i and Audio Technica AD700, but for some reason I'm more comfortable wearing IEMs, and although it might seem a little strange, I've been using a cheap pair of Sony IEMs I bought last minute for a recent trip a lot more than the others. So, I've decided to invest in a good pair of IEMs (budget: $100-$120 max). One of the main reasons is that I listen to a lot of music through my iPod outdoors (I know many of you believe that it's not be the best source, but as of today I have no plans to buy another music player any time soon), so I want something portable, comfortable and that I can use unamped.


I listen mostly to rock and metal, but it covers a wide range of bands, from Rammstein to Muse, from AC/DC and Led Zeppelin to Queens of the Stoneage, Nirvana, ... I listen to a lot of different music besides rock/metal; I love Depeche Mode, Ella Fitzgerald, Elton John, Madonna and even classical music (specially violin concertos and sonatas) and electro house. So you get the picture. I need an IEM that will be appropriate for all types of music and that will last considering how much I'm going to use them outdoors. What do you recommend?

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Thanks for the suggestions. I just read your review on the Spider Realvoice headphones, we have a similar music taste too. I don't have an iPhone, but I do have an iPod. How has your experience so far been with them?

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Another vote for the Spider RealVoice from me.  Great all-arounders, though they might be a tad bit too smooth for rock if you like to hear the edgy crunch of metal/prog rock guitars.  They're awesome with practically everything else.  One note of caution with them though,they're not a good choice if you plan on doing a lot of activity while wearing them (running, exercise, etc.).  Their in-ear fit simply doesn't lend well to a lot of movement.. Walking and light activity is fine but using them anytime you plan on breaking a sweat is not ideal cause they'll fall out.


I'd recommend the ECCI PR401 too.. another fantastic phone in the $80 range... as well as the Maximo iM-590. The iM-590 was the first phone I got when I discovered HF.. since then, I've purchased and listened to a lot of higher priced phones and the 590s still have a place in my collection.. they're really great (albeit aged) phones that sound great to this day with anything you throw at them.. they possess a detailed, natural, balanced sound & have got a bit of that Grado forwardness so guitars have great energy with them.  Bass is really well balanced and the treble sounds just right.. definitely check out those.. plus they're pretty cheap (~$50).


Check joker's thread for more concise reviews.. it's the holy grail for gathering info on IEMs around here.

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If you are going Brainwavz...go with the M3 over the B2.  Not impressed with the B2 really, but that could just be genres.  The m3 just seems like a better all around earphone.  Either that at $90 or the Vsonic GR07 at 155.  Well rounded and can do just about everything well if not just flat out exceptional.

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