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My 'failed' order on ALO...Please help~~

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I have tried a few times to buy AlgoRhythm Solo + Rx Mk2 amp + ALO audio interconnects: combo package-Black by the website. And i have sent email to ask if i am allow to pay with Visa Debit card and the answer is yes and i just need to pay as a credit card. I did try, but it always show failed in the order page. So i then check my bank balance and it shows i have pay £792.37 to ALO Audio.
This is the description of the transaction:
INT'L 0097522714
the date of transaction is 7 Jun. but it is still shows failed on the orders page in ALO Audio website.
Can anyone help me?
Or have the same experience as me?
Please help~~...
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I had ordered a cable from ALO last week, and when I placed the order, I got an error message that said the transaction failed and to try again later (I forget the exact wording).  No reason was given for the failed transaction.  I have plenty of room on my Credit Card, so I wouldn't have thought that was the issue.


I tried the same order about 20 minutes later, and the order went through with no issues.  I was concerned that the first attempt charged my Credit Card, but I checked my CC online a few days later, and I was only charged once.


I'm not sure if you are experiencing the same issue I had the other day, but it sounds similar.


Good Luck!

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thanks for your information, i will try it again to night.

i have already sent email two days ago to ALO to ask what happened, but no one answered back yet...

i am hoping that the same thing wont happen again...

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ALO have sent me the money back to my account.

So that i decided to try it again, but the order is still fail.

Again, it charge me the money...

As i tried twice... i have send twice the money to them, but ALO didnt accept it yet...

Can any one give any suggestion to me?...

Ken sent me a email about the last 'failed' order, and tell me to use a paypal account...

But i am no where near 18~~~...

I want the product~...

Why cant ALO just charge me once and sent me the thing, even though it shows failed on the order page~~...

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sounds like you should just call them.  no more interweb confusion.

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Its your credit cards bank that is declining the charge, please call your bank and see why it was declined. Also to avoid delays its best to check out using the Paypal payment option. Also for contact please use this for the quickest reply back


or call the retail store.



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