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Re-zeros or fischer dba02s?

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I'm looking for the clarity of re0s but the warmth and color in the sound and less analytical-ness. From what I understand, analytical sound = details + clarity. But with analytical sound, you hear the headphones, and not really the music.

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To me, analytical = high transparency + lots of detail.

RE-ZERO is analytical by either of our definitions, lol.


With analytical sound, you listen to the headphones a little less and to the music itself a little more.  With a more "musical" (or colored, or "pleasantly distorted", or whatever you want to call it) headphone, then you listen more to the headphone's presentation of music and less to the music's own presentation.

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Ortofon e-Q5 is BA type is an option. Plenty of reviews here on the forum including this one  which is quite interesting


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If you want less analytical sound than RE0, then neither DBA-02, nor RE-ZERO are good options, because they are pretty close to RE0 in signature - similarly lean, detailed and bright. Ortofon e-Q5 is also quite analytical in my opinion, even though it is warmer than the aforementioned three - it is still very neutral. I think you may like JVC FX700 if you can afford it and don't need isolation. On a tighter budget, IE8 may be a good option, although FX700 sounds significantly better in the bass - very powerful, but not overblown in the upper bass like IE8. IE8 is still great for a warm, bassy, spacious sound with plenty of detail and definition in the mids and highs if that's what you are looking for.

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