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Weird Phonak PFE reaction,

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A couple of months back my IE8 broke and while i see if i could RMA or repair them i ordered a pair of Phonak PFE 012.


Loved them, the IE8 are better on some areas. but the bass was just as good. the highs might have had the edge in the IE8, but the Phonaks just beat them over the head in clarity and speed.


So i thought that if i love them so much lets upgrade them to the real thing. get a pack of gray filters to replace these supposobly  muddy and vailed green perfect bass filters.


I install them on my PFE and suddenly they lose all their charm, the sound has no force or impact to it. the bass was lost the treble is muffled. everything except the vocals is suddenly in second plane. the sound is gritty and dirty.


I tried a different set of filters in case they were defective or resetting them incase they were badly installed.

but no dice. they all sound the same.


So ? am i mad for prefering the PFE´s to the IE8 ?

and even worst. prefering the bloated and vailed perfect bass filters to the superior gray filters ?


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I have the 112, and from my experience, really disliked black filters.  It sounded veiled, and because of that I didn't even want to bother with green ones.  I'm also not a bass head.  Grey filter is the only filter I use with them.  

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you should give the black filters a try. not as vailed as the green filters, but more bass than the gray ones.

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I had a pair of 112 which I lost at one point and replaced them with 022. I then found my old ones so was in a position to compare them side by side.


To my ear and contrary to my expectations, it appears that 022 with the standard green filters is the superior combination. They are more lively and rich than 112. And it is not just the filters, I tried both of them without any filters and still prefer the sound of 022 (012 with a mic) to 112. Just my opinion.


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