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Etymotic ER6/ER6i owners

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Dude. These things rock. They play everything well just like an accurate neutral earphone would. If this is close to the ER4, I wouldn't mind splurging for those in due time.


Not as good of a midrange as the Shure E3C's I had, but those had really bad rolled off treble and the fit without foams was a little off. I had to resort to tri flanges on those bad boys. The bass doesn't go as deep as my Grados that I love so much, but hey, it's an IEM.


Cable is absolutely one of the worse ones out there though haha. The isolation is the best. I'll take that!


Anybody else have/had these?

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I had the ER6i's for a couple of years before I sprang for a pair or ER4P's.

After the first day with the ER4's I just can't go back to the ER6i's.

The ER4's are everything you like about the ER6i's plus a lot more. More bass, more detail, more clarity.

I also went for a P to S adapter and use an amp with the ER4P's now. This is the one IEM that I will never get rid of. Every time I try another IEM I keep coming back to the ER4's.



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I love my ER6i's, they are the IEM's that I go back to before I take on another pair to review, they are neutral, balanced and very detailed.  I have a pair of the HK730's with the pod removed, they are supposed to be close to the ER4P's.  That is my holy grail that I aim for in the future.  I love classical music and therefore prefer an analytical sound.  Also I find the most comfortable fit with the shure foam olives. 

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I'm not a huge fan of the ER6i. Sure it's detailed but it felt like I was missing entire parts of songs (no bass for me), and they are so uncomfortable.

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I used a pair of ER6 to death( cable death ). They were very comfortable for me and I might buy the ER6i in the future for sleep purpose. I'm using my ER4P in bed but I have trouble with comfort but need the isolation( Westone 3 and Audeo PFE don't isolate enough).


As redbeard65 says, ER4 is ER6 improved at every level.


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I have the non-i version which actually does need a fair bit of juice, you'd have to work a portable a good amount to get a decent volume level out of it. I'm glad they made that improvement with the "i" version.


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I feel like I need to bump this thread. I bought the er6i many years ago and really didn't appreciate them. However my tastes have changed quite a bit and I'm more of a fan of neutrality now.


I have re-discovered how awesome they are. Having an uncolored sound really helps to hear every detail in the music. A forward midrange or bass region will swallow up some of the detail and air of the surrounding frequencies.


In addition, the default gray tri-flange tips are extremely good once you get the proper seal. You must insert them fairly deep into the ear though. Once it's perfect you will hear the low end to its fullest extent. I was listening to Massive Attack last night and was able to hear (and feel) some very deep 40-50hz notes. I was shocked how low they were extending.


Eventually I'll upgrade to the ER4P but for now these are doing wonderfully.

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