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Bose/Monster Earphones?

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Hi guys i'm new here.


I have around £200 to spend on a pair of earphones. However, I don't know whether to buy the Monster Turbines (The standard edition) or the Bose IE2's. I listen to alot of rap/hiphop if that helps. Im generally looking to see which has better sound/durability and which would last me longer?


Thanks guys.

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stay away from bose at all costs. if you have to choose those 2 i would get the monster turbines.

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For hip hop...Monster Turbines or Future Sonic Atrio Xs.  I've been through all of the under 150 dollar headphones for that genre and I've settled on the two I just mentioned with the slight edge to the Atrio Xs for their comfort.


I agree with casey above me...stay away from Bose or the Monster Beats line of headphones.  Not worth the price of admission at all.

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what would you say would last me longer @dbdynsty25? Or what others would you suggest in that price range?

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The Atrio line of headphones have a better reputation around here than the Turbines do as far as build quality go, so I'd probably say the Atrio Xs would be the better bet.  I'm super careful with all of my stuff, so I've I've never really broken a pair of headphones.


Others to consider:  Brainwavz M2, NuForce 700x, MEE SP51s (selling a pair of these cheap, sound awesome for rap, don't fit my ears for some reason).  All three are very good for hip hop.  


I wasn't a fan of the Klipsch S4, the Fischer Eternas or the Hippo VBs which undoubtedly people will mention eventually, but I did try them.

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I think with this budget you can buy Sennheiser IE7 or IE8 and they are fantastic IEMs for the above genres and IE8 has replaceble cable.

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I'd recommend anything from Ultimate Ears and Westones with your budget. They easily beat Monsters or Bose. :)

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You can find a pair of Ultimate Ears IEMs for around $250. Were I in your shoes that's where I'd look.

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No brainer Sennheiser IE8's For the UK they go cheap £169.00 in the UK makes them by far the best choice for under £200, SM3 UM3X W3 etc are all £250-£300 and for Bass IE8  is going to win, Triple.Fi in the Uk are £220 they are not the bargin in the UK like the US, IE8 on the other hand.



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Geez... I read that as $200, not £200. For £200 you could get a set of custom IEMs if you felt so inclined. That'll end you with about $350, you might just be able to afford a set of 1964-T IEMs if you don't mind bumping your budget a bit and paying for molds (another £20).

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Sennheiser IE8 no doubt.

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I listened to the Turbines and the mid-range and ended up on the Monster Jamz. I've spent plenty of money on headphones and have come to realize that price has stopped being the best indicator of quality. Having said that, the Jamz have great sound, BUT HORRIBLE build quality. In 12 months, I've gone through a few pairs -- the warranty service is great but what difference does it make if your headphones are always in the shop (they send you brand new ones instead of repairing old ones).


And I agree with everyone above. Stay away from Bose.


Sennheiser, on the other hand, I love, love, love. From the fit, to the sound quality, its a tough headphone to steer clear of.

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Ok thanks guys n Gals !!! So i've come to a conclusion, Turbines Pro or sennheiser IE8? cause apparently the pros as a dream pair of earphones


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Never heard the Sennheiser IE8's but given that it's Sennheiser I would expect nothing less than perfection. It's hard to find a price-point where Sennheiser's offering isn't if not the best choice one of the top ones.

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Personally, (I don't own either, but) from what I've read, I'd probably go with the IE8's, especially if you like your bass.
Whatever you do, make sure you don't buy fakes!
I'd buy from somewhere like Amazon or HMV - It might be a little more expensive, but It'll be worth it.

Also, check out this thread:

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