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Still cannot decide whether I should get the V6 or V6S........

I actually like IEM with balanced sound, is V6 the way out? 

Besides of the Stage has more low end and mids, is there anything else different from the V6?

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OK guys, so after burning my V6-Stages in for over 30+ hours, I decided it was a good time for a better test. I don't think it makes a huge difference to burn them in or not, but maybe it's just me. Anyways, here goes:


Equipment used: 


1964 Ears V6-Stage

MacBook Pro Mid-2009


Songs used:

Open Your Ears CD (Head-Fi reference HD tracks) 


Track 1 - Midrange Tonality (The Persuasions - Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of)


All the vocals sound even-leveled, maybe the lower (bass vocal) is emphasised just a bit. Almost sounds like they are standing around you, singing. The stereo imaging is amazing.


Track 2 - Low-level resolution (Jazz Side of the Moon - Money)


The subtleties of drum hits reverbing the church are noticeable. The low keys of the organ are very organic, so is the brass. Great placement of instruments in the stereo imaging.


Track 3 - Transparency (John Hammond - Get Behind the Mule)


The highs aren’t too aggressive, although very well presented. The vocal has a strong presence and is centered in the dead middle. The recording is extremely clear, the strumming is very well defined.


Track 4 - Visceral Impact (Babatunde Olatunji - Sare Tete Wa)


The combination of bass and all the drums with the percussion present a very groovy experience. The bass guitar melts just over the drums to give a soft accompainment. The vocals are put more in the background, they melt with music very well.


Track 5 - Out-Of-Head imaging (I-Ching - Gadamaylin)


The track presents the opportunity to experience the true imaging possibilities of the V6-Stages. The levels of distance are presented extremely well, it’s a real 3D imaging test. Given a 3D matrix, you could easily define where in space a specific instrument/sound is located. The bass that comes in after a minute is a little too loud.


Track 6 - Center Focus (Rebecca Pidgeon - Texas Ranger)


The vocal is in the dead centre, nicely supported by the fiddle on the right and the banjo on the left. The dynamics of the voice are very noticeable.


Track 7 - Palpable Detail and Texture (David Chesky - Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra, Movement 3)


The clapping seems very natural with plenty of room’s reverb. The complicated composition is a demanding listening material but rewarding. The instrument separation is very good and even at times when a lot of instruments are playing, if you make an effort, you can distinguish between them very easily.


Track 8 - Rhythm (Monty Alexander - Hajji Baba)


The groove at 1:50 brings together the musicianship of the drummer, bassist and pianist and gives a grooving and driving ride throughout the rest of the song. The bass during the last 45 seconds of the track feels very warm and soft.


Track 9 - Spatial Depth (Best of Chesky - Percussion Imaging Test)


A fantastic test when Richard Crooks plays drums at different lengths from the mic. The mic is picking up the dynamics of the playing very well and this can be heard with the V6S very well. The reverb really starts to be noticed when Richard’s playing 9 feet from the mic. Amazing test, which once again confirms the realism of the imaging capabilities of the V6-Stages.


Track 10 - Depth (The Conga Kings - Tumbao De Tamborito)


The percussion is split over the whole stereo spectre, while the sax is in the centre. The bass is pushed back a bit. 


Track 11 - Bass Extension (Dr. Chesky - Heartbeat)


This test starts with 50 Hz heartbeat, that will get your head (and body) pumping. The lower frequencies really depend on the listener’s ability to hear 20 Hz, but it is definitely there.


12 - Bass (Billy Burnette - Everything is Broken)


This track is intended to test the bass clarity and definition. With V6-Stages, you can define the instruments very easily and also the difference between the bass drum and the bass guitar. The bass drum doesn’t have the tone quality of the bass guitar, so it’s not too difficult to figure it out, but you do need good earphones to do that. And the V6-Stages do it like nobody’s business.

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I'm wanting to upgrade to the V6-S, but I had a question on bass quantity.  It sounds like the bass quality is there, but I wanted to make sure that there was enough quantity for my genre.  My only reference is the Klipsch S4, how would you say they compare quantity wise with bass (I know they are not the best iem's, but they are the only reference I have)?  I read on another website that the V6-S has the same bass quantity as the GR07, but I have no experience with that iem.  



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From bass quantity alone the S4 has more bass than the V6S. If you want a similar bass amount I may look into the Quads which are supposed to be bass heavy but I have no experience with them. The V6 Stage is not a bass monster or supposed to be. It has some bass emphasis (sub bass more so than mid bass) but not overly so. I would say it's a few dB above neutral.

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Understood, thanks for the reply.  My other reference (non-iem) is the Q701.  I like to feel the bass hit, although I do not like it to overwhelm the mids (like the Klipsch seems to do).  I also like to have a good soundstage (the Q701), but I am willing to take a smaller one for portability sake.  The thing that interested me about the V6-Stage was the wider soundstage I had been reading about (not expecting Q701 soundstage though).

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 Finally decided to pull my finger out and upload from my PC. So an update...

I have had to send them back for a refit, the right sealed at 90% but like someone said, placing pressure increased bass response so on the way back they went. The left had some discomfort so  a little trimming and fingers crossed they come back perfect.

I'll post a update when they get back

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I'm considering buying a pair of V6 Stage - just wondering if Black Friday is the only time these are usually on sale?  Thanks

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A quick search of this thread for the term "sale" turned up the V6 being on sale for Memorial day last year:

The V6 Stage wasn't released until somewhere around the end of summer, so the only sales so far have been the initial product launch discount and black Friday.

A search of the general 1964ears thread may lead you to discover other holidays they have offered deals in the past.
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Hello all,


EDIT: Ordered 1964ears V6-Stage last night! Went recessed sockets (for durability reasons) and no soft canals.  Can't wait!


After sending a recently-purchased Westone UM Pro 30s (the new um3x) back to Amazon because I could not get a good fit in my left ear, and after some research, I have arrived at either the 1964 V6 or V6-S, and I am stuck as stuck can be.  I loved the sound from the Westones, definitely a fun IEM, but they definitely could have used a bit more at the mid and a little bit more at the top.  I got my ear impressions made yesterday (that was a trip), and I am a click away from pulling the trigger on the V6 or the V6-S.  Here are my questions - 


1) Does anyone have the soft canals?  Yes or no - do you think they make a difference? (for audiophile listening, and for listening while bicycling)

2) I do like bass; I'm not insane about it, but I do like it when a song intending on heavy bass has the ability to play it through the IEM.  Should this point me at the V6-Stage?

3) Should I opt for the recessed sockets?


I listen to a lot of indie and classic rock, but also some hip hop and electronic music.  Some bands I frequently listen to are -

Other Lives

Boards of Canada

Queens of the Stone Age

Pearl Jam

Crosby Stills Nash & Young

(graduation and older) Kanye West

Daft Punk

Seven Lions



Thanks for the help!

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+1 recessed sockets


Haven't heard V6 or the stage version.

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I should've posted this here!
Here are my new V6-S ears.

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I´m very interested about V6S and V8, but I can´t decide between both.


Seems like V6S is more accurate, but I´m worried about V6S sibilances and treble spikes. How do you think sibilances are compare to others IEMs like ER4P,


Also I like V8 sound signature, although there isn´t many reviews and maybe waiting for more opinions is better idea...

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It's been a while since the v6 got some love, which is quite surprising since I feel that the v6 sound sig is more mature and closer to "reference" sound than the v6s. Running my V6 through my c5 and ipc, I can't imagine ever wanting more bass for a broad range of genres.

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Originally Posted by tm.chen View Post

LOL. We are going way off topic with this.

Seriously, has anyone tried the v6 with RWAK100 or AK100?
Looking to get a good DAP so i can do away with the amp.


I have both and I'm selling my rwak100 because I need money. Its absolutely amazing. I don't travel anymore so I don't use it to justify owning the rwak100.
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