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Enclosed is  a picture I took of the back of the ear-pad on the HE-5. Is this what you are all talking about? If so although hard to do it was not impossible to re-install by slightly bending the pad so it clicks into place.HE5 Ear Pad - Back.jpg

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Yup, that's it. I cracked that plastic disc that the tabs are on.


It's quite easy to get two of the tabs in place, but then you have to seriously push it (aka pretty much bend plastic) the opposite direction to get the other two into place. It's incredibly difficult and very unnerving. I think I got lucky on my second pair...

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When I pulled mine off, I looked at it and spend a good 10 minutes pondering, "Balls, how does this thing go back on?  Like....no...what about....no....or....no, not that way either.  How...ok, vodka time."

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Hmm now that I think about it, those pads dont seem to seal very well, which anyone who has modded orthos can tell you is really important. They also use velour pads which dont seal either but I wonder what a ring of tak around the inside edge of those pads would do to the sound. Anyone want to try?
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Originally Posted by Happy Camper View Post

Yes, they are. I think we all have had a scare when taking a pad off. I did get pad covers for mine. They fit the 6s and the others should be the same.

A picture would be awesome as well!


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why would anybody make a pad that fits like that?!?!?!?

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HAHAHA I had no issues taking them off...But I had the hardest time getting the last tab in...that's when I cracked my plastic disc.  Luckily they still got back on but they aren't as secure as they were before...


I also thought HiFiMan would have had a better pad design.  For the sound quality my HE-6 has, this is a trivial thing though.  I would like to know how to purchase new pads as they aren't on the head-direct site...

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I think my plastic disc is cracked on the replacement pad, but the 'teeth' are still there. The original pad had a cracked disc and a missing 'tooth'.

Ugh. It's almost impossible not to put it back on without possibly cracking the plastic. Stupidity from Hifiman to use such a dumb design.
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or at least use a rubberized/flexible plastic.

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It's that supid plastic that can 'cut' you if you're not careful. For such expensive headphones, they certainly skimped in that area.
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Haha, I faced the exact same issue when I 1st got my He-4.

Didnt dare to post at first, as I was asking myself am I too dumb to not even be able to get the pads on. Sounds like I'm not alone. I ended up sending the whole headphone back for them to fix as I was paranoid with the issue.

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Anyone find out about spare pads? How much they are etc?

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Originally Posted by Nuwidol View Post

Anyone find out about spare pads? How much they are etc?

I contacted them. We'll see when they email me back.


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Yes, keep us posted on the HE-500 replacement pads please.


The plastic discs used for securing the stock pads look like something you could make yourself if you could find the right material. Then after than you can probably cut and make a custom fit for any pad around the same size as stock pad (prob a 50mm pad). Anybody have any ideas where to find some thin, stiff plastic sheets to make a set? I would love to hear these with some my comfy  leather SA5000k, or some thin leather W5000 pads! Those stock velour pads are deceiving because they look soft, but whatever is inside is pretty stiff and uncomfortable and I also worry sometimes that there might not be a good seal (especially considering the way the plastic ring insert sits - maybe try blutak like RD suggested). Supposedly the HE-500 pads use a softer inner padding, and I bet that it make the HE series headphones sound slightly warmer if the softer pads compress more and bring your ears closer to the driver...  

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Just got an email back from Head-Direct customer service.


Basically they said they would send an urgent message to the shipping manager in China asking if they sell extra earpads for the HE-500.

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