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Sorry for going off topic, I started another thread about the leaving an amp on issue.

Do you leave your amp on 24/7?

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So you didnt tell me. Is the 650-700 EURO I am intending to bid on those HE-60s reasonable?
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Yes, that is probably reasonable. They look like they are in nice shape. Most of the units I have seen on ebay in the past few look beat up and have gone in the $500 range.
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Is it correct that the list price of the HE60/HEV70 was 1150 Euro (2300 DEM) at the time?

In that case 700 Euro for a used pair would be a bit steep.
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Yes but its the rarity factor plus they are in excellent shape.

Btw greetings to Luxembourg.

What a paradise!
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Heheh, I have an appointment with an audiologist next week. If they have an HE60/HEV70 there, I'll give them an offer to buy it.

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Hello marios_mar, greetings to ... whereever you are

I hope for you that these guys here are not bidding on it:


Good luck
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Does sennheiser still service these units if you need it?
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Originally posted by AndreYew
I have an AKG K1000/SAC 1000 system, as well as the Baby Orpheus (HE60/HV70), and I much prefer the Sennheisers. The AKGs are uncomfortable and have a steely sound that makes them hard to listen to even if my head weren't hurting already from their vice-like grip, which has never diminished. I've also never found a good compromise for their bass issues. As Bozebuttons writes, the Sennheisers need warm-up to sound their best, as their initial sound has thin metallic sheen that's not very flattering, but once they're going, they're really gorgeous on strings and voices, not that they're not good on other things as well. I listen to classical music, so your reaction may be different depending on the music you listen to.

It will be interesting to hear what others think at the Los Angeles meet this weekend since both systems will be there.


you need upgrade your amp and cd player.
k1000 is not so bad.
I will introduce my k1000 system later.
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Originally posted by marios_mar
Is the 650-700 EURO I am intending to bid on those HE-60s reasonable?
The winning bid was 743 Euro ($939)
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Originally posted by Claude
The winning bid was 743 Euro ($939)
Was Marios the lucky winner?
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That price is ridiculous and it was predictable . The last four days they were like 400 EUROS.

The last pair which was a bit more used went 453 EUROS

Anyway Im going stax. I dont have the amp to power the K1000s so Stax is the most rational choice since I want detail and clarity and I discovered other advantages along the way...

I still have to decide on which staxes though. I bought an SRM-1 MKII so I need to get some Staxes. Im thinking 202-303-404

303 most probably since 202s are only $50 cheaper and probably much worse. And the 404s are same as the 303s only for the cable and are supposed to sound the same.

I was also considering getting a used pair like Lamda pros. But I still havent decided.
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So it was Spent & Bent that bought them, which is funny because he plans on reselling them soon.

Good choice on the Stax Marios.

I would go for a new set of SR-303's over a used pair of Stax. Just in case something goes wrong it will be worth having a warranty on a new pair. Also, new ones aren't too expensive from the Japanese importers.
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If you can get past the really cheap plastic construction of the Lambdas, they sound quite nice. As long as you don't move your head much.

Creak! Creak!

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Originally posted by Claude
The winning bid was 743 Euro ($939)
I know it's decadent and scandalous price.... I only went that far because the unit is in very, very good condition and I really wanted to spend some time with it no matter what costs...

Obviously getting any sort of serious compensation on the price is pretty much out of the question, even if the unit is indeed in presumed / assumed / promised etc. condition, but that will not stop me from trying

The cd 3000 that was sold earlier the evening went even a bit higher price compared to value IMHO.... (yes I was bidding on that one too..)
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