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Originally Posted by supjj View Post

Mod done with a modified inline connector.  

It allows standard patch cable connection but also adds the threaded locking feature that I wanted without having to bore a large hole in the driver cup.  Also minimal driver clamp material removed and no sub clamp foam removed (the white foam under the drive clamp is completely intact).(See fourth image link below)


That's probably the nicest M50 mod I've seen.

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Quote:Mad Max


Where did you get those rubber boots that the Switchcrafts have?


Those are the rubber boots that come with the stock M-50s.  I trimmed them to be a little shorter.  I have 2 M-50s, that's why I had 2 boots.



Quote: 65535
 That's probably the nicest M50 mod I've seen.


Thanks, I studied this thread for a couple weeks prior to attempting it, there is loads of good mod advice here I am so glad this resource is available.

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Whats more can you ask from ATH-M50? They sound great, good clarity, deep bass and got the ambience. That's right a detachable microphone! :s8:

So before I even bought a mic, I have to make the cord detachable. Firstly I bought the 3.5mm stereo jack from sim lim tower, cost $0.50 and did some soldering. :eek:

The cord is now gone :s12:
Closer and closer =:p


Next I have to test them to make sure the sound is right and left, lol. The microphone in this mod is VMODA boompro gaming, this mic is bendable, twist-able and has a good sound clarity which is important. [url=] V-MODA BoomPro Gaming, VoIP Headset Headphone with Mic, Black: Electronics[/url]
Here it comes

Well now I just have to attach them together and my ATH-M50 has a detachable cord with microphone, how's that for a mod. :eek::eek:;)
Actually the mic is on the left side.
The full glory =:p

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kinda suck when the regulation do not allow me to post pictures.

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I think you have to have 10 posts. It isn't a terrible restriction, I've seen some forums make you wait a month or until aafter 50 posts.

To get around it, you can post to photobucket and use the "source" button above the typing space to add html pictures.
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Just modded my pair and I'm pretty pleased with the results.  Spent some time getting 10 posts so that I could post pictures of the mod but for some reason it still won't let me add any images.

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Now that I can add images here is my mod.  Pictures also include the modded cable and my headphone amp.







I also ordered the beats remote talk cable for a mic and playback control so I will post pictures of that when I get it

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Originally Posted by dwib44 View Post

also ordered the beats remote talk cable for a mic and playback control so I will post pictures of that when I get it

Mind sharing what earpads you are using? Seem like a valor type

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Mind sharing what earpads you are using? Seem like a velour type

Sent from my GT-N7100 using Tapatalk

Sent from my GT-N7100 using Tapatalk
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They look like Beyerdynamic DT250 velours.

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Originally Posted by Mad Max View Post

They look like Beyerdynamic DT250 velours.

They are indeed.  I like them a lot more than the stock pads.

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This definitely isn't my cleanest job, that raised plastic around the cable's hole definitely messed it up for me. It turned out OK, but I'm not 100% happy with it. I'll do it better next time.

Man, using a mini xlr here was a nightmare. I had to cut the washer just to get it on, AND I had to cut the nut on the inside that threads onto the mini xlr chassis. I cut it so it still threads on, kind of like the shape of the OHM symbol; Ω. That isn't all that's holding it on or anything, I still hot glued it.


Oh, and I don't have pads on these because one ripped. I have some HM5 pads on the way. I just wanted to upload this to get closer to my Headphoneus Supremeus! Haha (12 more posts, WoOt)

photo DSC02035_zps763c3ffa.jpg photo DSC02038_zpsa678853a.jpg

I made a Mogami cable for them, it's about 3.5 feet long maybe a tad more. These will be up for sale after the pads arrive.

photo DSC02039_zpse04f61b2.jpg photo DSC02040_zpsafd075da.jpg

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I-i-it's not like I made a detachable mini-XLR version too a year ago or anything... stupid casper and his stupid better workmanship tongue.gif

But in all seriousness this was a miserable experience and a good lesson about DIY hubris. I made the mod right after building my Beta22 and felt invincible. The parts were less than ideal, the dremel should never have had to come out, etc etc. All the signs were there, this wasn't going to be a clean mod the way I was preparing to do it. The mini-XLR jack never fit the original grommet hole or the filed-out, expanded hole, but it somehow magically stays there now, bound by magic and my raw burning hatred for how it looks.

I haven't used my M50's since I made this mod because I essentially consider them "ruined" at the moment. I feel like my hands butchered a piece of plastic, engineered art. Seeing other people's M50's actually gets me a bit emotional because deep down inside I know I failed my own pair. I feel like if they could speak they would say, "Look at me, John. I used to be beautiful. YOU RUINED ME. You monster, you ruined me. You used to love me and now you won't even look at me."
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Your pair still have the possibility of being exactly like my pair. You would just have to drill the hole out a little more take the nut off and it should slide in. 


But I agree, the mini XLR in an M50 is a pain. 

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