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My review of the HiSound Studio-V

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HiSound Studio-V








Class A amp

Dimensions: 80x50x21mm

Weight: 148gram

Screen: monochrome, 3 lines of text
Battery life: 100h music

Capacity: 8GB

Colour: black

Price: $450-500


Included accessories:
USB Cable

Wall charger


Quick manual



Build quality and hardware:

Simply put, the Studio-V is built like nothing else I have seen, excellent materials and first class build quality! It is made of metal and I am sure it would come out as the winner in a smash-up fight with a brick. Great work HiSound.







Below the screen you have five buttons that acts as playback control (prev/next and rew/ff) and volume control, as well as menu buttons (up/down and left/right) and in the middle the play/pause and enter button.

On top of the Studio-V you will find the headphone out, which also acts as line out, line in and reset hole, on the bottom of it you have the micro SD(HC) slot, mini USB connector and two led lights.











Menus and overall usage:

The menu is easy to use, even if it’s not always that logical or intuitive. There is a bare minimum of settings to be found, no EQ or DSP options (apart from being able to change sound character through firmware), but there are settings for line in and line out. It is very apparent that the Studio –V aimes solely on delivering great sound without any fancy gimmicks.

The Studio-V uses MSC mode, which means that Windows sees it as a mass storage device with drag and drop support.








The Studio-V can play mp3, flac, wma and wav files. Unfortunately there is no gapless playback.


There are two things that separate the Studio-V from other players, three if you count the tank like build quality.

The first thing is the built in class A amplifier, which gives a very clean and powerful signal.

The second thing is the possibility to change the sound character with firmware. There are two different firmware versions stored on the player, one for armature earphones and one for dynamic ones. The armature firmware has a warmer sound character, while the dynamic one has a more analytical one, to suit the sound characteristics of the earphones.


As I always do, I plugged in some high end earphones and hit play. Wow!

The Studio-V is the cleanest sounding player I have heard, with its neutral, nearly linear frequency response (with the dynamic firmware), and a very clear and detailed sound throughout. This is how a player should sound, not adding or leaving anything out, just a pure and unmodified signal.


With the armature firmware things change for the warmer. The low end gets thicker sounding and there is a slight loss in micro detail in mids and upper end, not much but still noticeable with high end earphones.


My favourite is the dynamic firmware, and with this the Studio-V is the best sounding player I have heard.

You can search the music library either by folders or by ID3 tags, nothing fancy or flashy, there is no album art for example, but all that is forgiven and forgotten once you hear the glorious sound it is capable of producing.

The Studio-V simply offers the best audio experience available today, at least in a pocket friendly size.




Line in and line out, for expansion and adding amps etc. The Studio-V can be used as an amplifier for a secondary source, and it can also be used as a secondary source for an external amplifier.




No gapless playback, but on the other hand the best sounding player I have heard, and as an added bonus it can play non-stop for the better part of a week. Highly recommended.

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For those who have the opportunity, try the Studio-V (dynamic) with RE 262, pure audio heaven.

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Battery life for Studio-V is 85h, 100h is for old Studio.
Recommand burn in time for Studio-V is 600h. My Studio-V is about 150~200h and I like it sound a lot.biggrin.gif
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Recommended burn-in time is 600 hours? That must be a joke.

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Originally Posted by azncookiecutter View Post

Recommended burn-in time is 600 hours? That must be a joke.

By which time you'll have got used to the sound of it anyway!


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the STUDIO-v is made up of the audio- grade parts, So burn in is necessary. If you have chance to verify it, you will see the sound  difference of the first day and the next few days.

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Hi, I need a little help ... I don't see how to change the firmware on the studio-V !


great player btw.

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If anyone has £279 burning a hole in there pocket then the Hisoundaudio Studio-V is available in the UK, plus free earphones.



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Originally Posted by bigtonio View Post

Hi, I need a little help ... I don't see how to change the firmware on the studio-V !


great player btw.


Than guidance of the firmware upgrade of STUDIO.


Windows Xp为例,其他系统请自己测试。Take the Window Xp as the example, other system should be similar to it, please try it by yourself.


1.       将机器复位(捅RESET按钮)

Reset the player( press the hole on the top of the player near the earphone sockets.

2.       短按开机键3秒左右松手(此时屏幕应该是没有显示,如果有显示开机LOGO,请再次按RESET键复位) Press the middle key for 2-3 seconds then release it ( the screen will not display anything, if it shows the logo, or so, please press the RESET key again).

3.       大约等待15秒左右,按住音量加键不放(可以用左手按住,右手将USB连结到电脑),最好是开启电脑的声音,此时会听到“咚”的响声,表示是正常连结电脑。

Waiting for about 15 seconds, press the up key and hold ( at the mean time, hook the player to PC by USB cable with other hand). If you can hear the sound “Down” It means the link is correct.

4.       打开升级工具扫描设备(STUDIO升级模式),

Open the software upgrade scan equipment ( STUDIO upgrade software mode)


If above 1-3 steps operations are correct, the result of the scan will be as follows:


Then please select the small square window as YES option. ( marked in red Chinese)


Also, please click the 开始(S Startto begin the upgrading , until it finished.





如果13操作没有问题扫描失败示意图: If the step 1-3 is failed, it will show as follows:


请连接设备“ means in English: Please connect to the equipment.

如果出现此画面,请重复13步骤; if it shows as above please repeat the step1-3.



After it finished the upgrade, STUDIO will access to the PC, It need to format the memory by the system, the format are FAT32.

如图所示;It displayed as follows:

1)  右击可移动磁盘,选择格式化工具 right clip the portable disk.  Please option FAT 32,

2)  Opt the first square window of 快速格式化(Q

3)  Click the 开始 start.






2)提示警告信息,点确定。 It will show the remind information as follows:

Please click the confirm button in Chinese confirm YES.







4)  格式化成功图示:If the format is successful, it will shows as followsit has been formatted, please click the confirm YES.

5)  You can download the music now.






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Ok many thanks :


so my next question is : Where can we find the latest (up to date) firmwares ?

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I don't know if there are any new ones, or if there is any real need for new ones, since there already are one for BA phones and one for Dynamic phones. Kepp an eye on their homepage, if/when new firmwares are released they should become available there.

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Why can't they make a bigger screen? It will take forever to find a song from dozens of albums.

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Very good review.  Intrested to try this out in comparison to the FiiO E7 Portabl Amp / DAC.

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I want to link download update firmware Studio-I 5.41 ?

My Studio error because update fw 5.42 amp3 ?

Who can link download FW 5.41 ? Help me !

Thanks U

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New FW for Studio-v is out, but after update my studio-v got problem,but other ppl say they have not problem, just few ppl say got problem at hisound chinese forum, don't know why?redface.gif
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