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 iphone 3gs, help!

i am desperately trying to get this right! i recently purchased ultrassone hfi780 and akg 271the prado 225i. i will return if not right choice... i havent tried the grado's yet they havent arrived.

most of my use will be on my iphone 3gs, and if i need to i have no prob picking up an amp. i listen on a school bus 3x/week, on my tractor, and in bed at night.

i also have a nuforce icon mobile which hasnt really change the sound on the ultrasone at all,

the ultrasone are nice sound and get much more volume, but i love the velour cups and weight of the akg271. the akg is very bulky headband and is awkwad lying back watching or listening at night. I definitelt want the best sound but comfort is equally as important. please help.


i have read good things on the beyer dt770(80ohm), audiotech m50(but they have the same leatherette as the ultrasome780, i also read the ultrasone pro650+750 are good. 

id like the pair that sounds best, that i can use velour pads, they really feel great on the akg 271 vs the sticky feel on the ultrasone. most of these are around 200 on amazon except the ultrasone pro 750 which are almost 400. so thats quite a big step, id like to stay at or around 200, but will do whats necessary to get all i want.

thanks m6a

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