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Originally Posted by holden4th View Post

I got mine from an ebay supplier (huggablez) and while they do have a compatibilty chart Klipsch is not listed. However they do say this:


To check your earphone compatibility please refer to the chart below. However, if your earphone is not listed below, and the speaker stem's diameter is between 4.5mm to 6.5mm, they will also fit.

I saw a very interesting video clip as to why the Complys possibly limit the treble and muffle the bass. You can view it here:




It makes some very interesting points.


I found these on Amazon, which are memory foam tips, listed as "by mobeast" and they list the S4 as compatible. On the other hand, while the S4 uses Comply TX-100s, the mobeast list on Amazon also includes some Senns that Comply says fit TX-400s, so maybe they are making stuff up. The S4 stem is TINY-more like 2 mm.


Thanks for that video, the technique they show really helped! Probably will try out some Mobeasts anyway, they are only 8 bucks for all 3 sizes to try.

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I am using the Comply foam tips on my UM3X IEMs. The ones I am using do not have the filters in them. I have found that they work very well. They are excellent in establishing a good seal which is essential for good bass response on the IEMs. This is my first experience with the tips. I ordered them from the Comply website. The only issue I encountered was that the shipment did take a week longer than posted by USPS. Likely not Comply's fault considering it was close to
Christmas and everything slows down.

I would highly recommend the tips and that you order the evaluation package for the tips which comes in the three different sizes for the tips. Try the tips progressing from the smallest to the large until you find those that provide the best seal for you. Once you have the size you can order just that size from Comply. I can not enforce strongly enough that a good seal is essential for good response so work with the tips and try the multiple sizes. You will be amazed once you get the correct fit on how good the monitors will sound and the comfort that you have while wearing them.
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Thanks for your post. Based on what you've said I've decided to give the Comply's another go and there are two reasons for this:


1 I ordered my first set from a supplier in Singapore - maybe they weren't genuine. This time I've ordered directly from Comply, the postage is steep but WTF


2 Maybe I got the wrong size so I've ordered a mixed set.


I've also gone for the TsX500s (I got Tx last time). They've got a different shape and make less contact with the ear canal which might solve the itching problem. I'll know in a couple of weeks and will report back.

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IME, the foam tips will reduce treble by a small margin and also reduce bass. The silicon tip acts as the surround on a speaker and increases bass output vs the foam tips which absorb the energy. It's not a huge difference, but is there. 

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Originally Posted by Rocko1 View Post

IME, the foam tips will reduce treble by a small margin and also reduce bass. The silicon tip acts as the surround on a speaker and increases bass output vs the foam tips which absorb the energy. It's not a huge difference, but is there. 


This hasn't been my experience.    Due to the superior isolation, the Complys will typically enhance the bass, not reduce it.    With the T and TX series, they do have a tendency to reduce treble a bit, but with the TS series, this issue is mitigated to a large extent.

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Comply tips enhanced the overall quality, more pronounced bass, more detailed mids, a slightly reduced highs and reduced noise.
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Any other info on these MoBeast tips? They appear to look like good Comply clones. It states the T-200 does not have the inner tube compared to the T-300.

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Comply now has 3 types of Foam Tips 

- Sport Series 

- Isolation Series 

- Comfort Series 


I have an RHA 750MAi and suffer from ear fatigue , bad fit mainly in the left ear. Are there any recommendations, tips for the usage of any one these tips .

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Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone!

For the next two days, if you order any* packs of Comply Foam tips, you will receive one FREE pair of our Comfort Ts-Series tips! 

The free pair will match the tip size and core size of what you order, and will be added automatically to your cart during your checkout process.

So don't miss out on this chance to discover and try out our Comfort Series tip!!

*Promo excludes T-130, T-150, T-160, Custom Wraps, Foam Plugs, and Whoomp! products. No discount code required. Limit one free pair per order. Offer expires on 3/18/15 11:59 CST.

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Is comply foam washable and eusable ? 

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