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Superfi 5s on eBay UK

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Evening everyone!


I've been using a pair of budget UE MetroFi 220s that I have been very happy with - they have been durable, I like their sound signature and they fit and isolate well. I've wanted to jump up just a little bit and considered staying with Ultimate Ears, perhaps a pair of Superfi 5s - these seem to be significantly cheaper than retail:




Basically, any reason to worry? Are they often counterfeited headphones, à la CX300s? Standard eBay things - feedback, multiple buyers - all seems to stack up, but you guys and girls are the experts.


Thanks in advance!

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SF5vi's are fairly cheap now days. and i don' tthink there are any fake UE's...yet.  The SF5vi's are my favorite go to IEM. you won't be dissapointed! (unless if ur a basshead)


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They're actually not really that much cheaper than the average street price although it's a decent deal.  If you look at the msrp for some of UE's headphones like the triple.fi 10, it's 2 or 3 times the normal price that people pay for them. At any rate it's almost certainly not a fake.

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In the way that sod's law works, now the price has dropped significantly than what I was looking at not so long ago! *smacks head*


Are the 5s and 5vis the same (aside from the mic)? Very difficult trying to find definitive information on that because of the range of UE superfi earphones over the last few years.

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Actually £12.60 dearer than Play (who had them at even less towards end last year). I assume the only difference of the vi is the mike and controls. They're not so highly regarded here on Head-Fi; though not sure at which price point they've been judged  (maybe you've already researched that). Guess there's lots of strong competition and the range has a poor reputation for toughness which evidently hasn't coincided with your experience.

Got a Superfi 5 vi for my brother last Spring as a first iem to use with iPhone on his commute; he seems happy and it is still working fine apparently...

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Yeah, it's often very difficult to judge a review when it turns out that they are reviewed against much higher priced headphones. My MetroFis for instance, which must've cost less than £20, are in the $60-100 category on the massive 162 IEM review thread.


There seems to be lots of bad comments about build quality with regards to the SuperFis which is putting me off them a lot - I'm very careful with my in ears, but there's a point where the innate build quality matters. Might look at the RE0s, roughly in that price bracket.

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