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Phono Preamp?

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I have zero electronics experience, background, etc. How does one go about building a tube or solid-state phono preamp, and if one did, would typically be better than a Radio Shack add-on SS phono preamp? (I don't know if those are still available in retail stores, but you can get them on eBay).

Thanks for any help.

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there are sooo many choices out there but since this is the DIY forum..........
First I would not do a "scratch" build for my first project.Better to go with a pcb (unless tubed,then point to point wiring is fine).
First up is a new design by nelson pass.No I have not built this yet but considering the designer it should sound good.PCBs are available for fifty bucks,not real cheap but not too bad either

something a bit easier and cheaper-older design but updated at the bottom of the article (pdf file,right click and "save target as")

two stage design ,also a pdf file

Then there is this

straight from the linear technology app notes but on this page (go to "readymade link) there is a really nice way to build it WITHOUT a PCB !

Another good one is over at the TNT website but it is down right now

many more out there but this should get ya started


oh,btw-I also have an old rat shack phono/mic preamp that i use.I did a parts upgrade and added an external power supply.Not too shabby
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should add this also

and when I find the link the La Pacifica single ended jfet amp
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Bottlehead is about to introduce a tube phono stage.It has been eagerly anticipated on the bottlehead forums and should be on the market be the end of the month.If you have never assembled a kit,these are for you.I have assembled and modded over 20 bottlehead kits.They have the excellent Foreplay preamp(which can be easily modded to a great headphone amp) as well as the Paramour amps.Bottlehead has THE easiest to assemble kits I have used yet and they have a devoted group users and fans that will assist you entusiastically.
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...that sounds great. Do you have any idea how much it will cost for the kit? If it was like $99 or less, that would be great. Is a phono preamp a harder, easier or just about the same as a Foreplay as far as complexity/number of parts/build ease goes?

I do believe it when they say "no experience required," as it seems easy, like you said, and well-explained from the testimonials on the site.

Also, tuberoller, do the bottlehead products live up to the hype? Are they really that great?

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The bottlehead stuff is great and is easily upgradeable.Doc Bottlehead says the phonostage will be $149.00 and orders will not be taken until the pictures are posted to the site.My dentist,who of couse has steady hands but not electronic skill,assembled a foreplay preamp and a set of Paramour amps in a was his first go at DIY and he is now hooked.He recently completed a set of DIY cables and is working on speaker kit now.Give it a try,for the modest cost of $149.00 I think even if you completely screw up it won't be a big deal.I am sure you can do this.Good Luck
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