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OT: Internet explorer problem..

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I have the most annoying problem ever with my IE version 6.00.
Although I'm not sure if it is IE itself or a whole computer problem since it seems to do it outside of IE as well...
Anyways the problem is that the windows that are open, be it Internet Explorer, AOL Instant messenger, etc.. will deselect itself although I havnt clicked on anything. In typing this very message out I had to re-click the window twice now to get the whole thing done. Anyone know what is causing this most annoying of problem?
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The most common solution at this point is to throw a brick through one of Bill Gates windows in his techno mansion.

You may have a driver conflict or buggy driver somewhere in your system. I had a problem where my scanenr would pop up windows at random and constantly saying data was coming through on the USB port when it was obviously jsut sitting there doing nothing. Upgrading the driver fixed it.

You may have installed some kind of idiotic software either on purpose or by accident. Do you download lots of little programs? I find downloading lots of little utility programs that sound usefull but are made by no names is a good way to **** up your computer. Example, I installed kazaa media search engine and it installed this ridiculous advertisement software that changed hyperlinks into links to advertisements. It would ask me every time I clicked a link "do you want to view ad or follow original link??" Of course that program went bye bye very fast.

Also it's always possible that you ahve a virus.

Does it happen only when you are connected to the internet?
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go to settings>control panel

the to install/uninstall

choose internet explorer and click uninstall

a menu will pop up with

add componants

click repair and see if it gets better
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Uninstall IE6 ( which is very buggy) then reinstall IE 5 and your problem is solved.

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I never did download IE6, much less use it. It still is in the "preview" or "release candidate" status, not the "final" status. And not all versions of IE5 are currently supported by Microsoft; Microsoft no longer releases new bug fixes for the first release of IE5 (which came with Win98SE) - you'll have to upgrade to at least IE5.01. (I am currently running IE5.5SP1 on my WinMe machine.)
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Thanks for the suggestions guys. Ill try the repair and the removal of little worthless programs, then go to a lower version if problems still persist. If still, then I'll personally make a trip to Bill's mansion come October and throw a rock through a window or two (he lives in Seattle right?).
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You could always make the trip this saturday,then you could do the Headroom traveling show during the day , then bounce over to the mansion at night for the "rock" party
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Dont forget to write somekind of doomsday message on the brick.
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Or, perhaps switching over to netscape may help (at least when typing messages)
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Nah I hate netscape and how the software is set up, not the solution for me. Well it seems to be more than just a IE problem, as pretty much any window open is affected by it, I'm guessing the whole of windows is to blame (damn DELL and their pre-loaded 98ME!!!!) I guess I'm going to need to back up a lot of crap and reinstall or something....ugh. (Knowing my laziness I'll do nothing).
thanks for the suggestions guys.
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Ohhhhh, you should have mentioned earlier that you had "ME". "ME" has been criticized by many of my friends as the worst version of windows ever released. The best solution is ditch "ME". Try to get your hands on win2000 before XP comes out. Because XP is a POS violation of human rights!!! SCREW YOU Bill Gates!!
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