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I currently use a Schitt Asgard and I'm looking to upgrade. Headphones are HD600, maybe also Grado RS-2i, Denon 2000 (both are coming in for demo).


The current candidates: Woo Audio 3, TTVJ FET-A, Peachtree iNova, Rudistor NX-03, Ray Samuels HR-2, XP-7, Naim Headline 2 (with NAPSC power supply), Burson HA160 (stand-alone and maybe with DAC).


Has anyone compared these? Any others I should consider up to $1000? I'm looking for something that'll drive just about any impedance.


I've been searching the forum all day and haven't gotten anything conclusive.


I chose the Asgard over the Elekit, Firestone Cute Beyond (OPA627) + Supplier and Channel Island VHP-2 + VAC-1. I still have a soft spot for the Channel Island amp (although it seemed kind of slow).