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Well, I was happy with Westone's service . . . for awhile. I purchased my UM2s and got great responsiveness and support. Then I tried to get the W4s and it all went south.


First, nothing on their products site states that the 4 is backordered. Only after I ordered and inquired did I find this out. So, I cancelled and ordered from Earphone Solutions (GREAT service). However, Westone had already put an authorization on my credit card. Unfortunately, despite my cancelling the order, they never removed the authorization. I got an overdraft notice from my credit card company because of it.


I called Westone with my bank on the line to correct this, and got less than apologetic service.


I sent an email complaining. No response.


Problem fixed, but it shouldn't have gotten to this point and should have been handled more apologetically.


If I didn't like their product so much I would go elsewhere. Sadly.