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[REVIEW] MEElectronics SP51 & A151

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MEElectronics SP51 and A151 Review


Source: ASUS G51JX-X2, iPhone 3GS

Bitrate: A range from MP3 to FLAC


Packaging, Accessories, Build Quality




They are packaged very similar to other MEE products. It’s nothing fancy, but it does the job. The A151 is packed up in plastic with its wire wrapped up in the MEE clamshell case. The SP51 is packaged the same way, but instead of plastic, they used some other sort of material. It feels cloth-y and nicer than plastic.

All MEElectronics IEMs comes with a hard clamshell case and an assortment of single/double/ and triple flange tips. The wire is a typical clear wire that is slightly thicker than the M6P wire. It feels very sturdy and should be able to stand some abuse. The SP51 came with a shirt clip on the wire that moves around A LOT. It bothers me by how easily it can move around when it is not attached. The A151 does not come with a shirt clip but it isn’t needed since the braided wire on it does not make much noise.




The SP51 is made of a metal housing VERY similar to the Hippo VB. The rear is interchangeable with screw-in ports. They come with three ports: Extreme Bass, Enhanced Bass, and Natural bass. They are distinguishable by color: Silver being Natural Bass, Metal being Enhanced, and the dark gray one being extreme.




The A151 is built very nicely. The cable is twisted and there are strain reliefs are the Y cord splitter and the straight plug. There is also a chin slider for people who enjoy using those things. The housings are made of heavy plastic and are made for over-the-ear the way they are angled.







Driver: 10.0 mm dynamic drivers

Housing: Metal housing with swappable rear tuning ports

Frequency Response: 15Hz – 20KHz

Sensitivity: 100 dB

Impedance: 16 ohms

Maximum Power Input: 40 mW

Connector: 3 pin stereo 3.5mm gold plated 90° plug


The natural bass port is the port with the least bass. Without the powerful booming bass in the way, you can hear the detail and clarity that this phone offers. In my opinion, I find the phone to sound the best with this port. The mids are slightly recessed making them sound “boring” without its bass. The treble is great for its price range, but nothing special.


The enhanced bass port sound best with R&B/Pop since the bass does not overpower the vocals. With the extra bass bump, the music sounds very lively and entertaining. The bass does muffle the vocals a little bit, but not too much. The bass hits very low and hits it where you want it to. This is my favorite of the three settings since the majority of the music I listen to has a lot of bass.


The extreme bass is exactly what it sounds like. BIG BOOMY bass everywhere. In music where you would hear a boom, you hear BOOM. Bassheads would probably be very happy with this setting. For me, the bass was too much. A lot of the qualities of these phones are masked by the boominess.

I should note that right out of the box, I preferred them over my Monster Turbines. They sounded much clearer, airy, and had better bass depth.




Frequency Range: 15-20000 Hz

Sensitivity: 111 dB

Impedance: 27 Ω

Maximum Power Input: 25 mW

Cable: twisted black 120 cm cable (or 47 inches)

Connector: 3 pin stereo 3.5mm gold plated straight plug

Driver: single micro balanced armature




These were my first experience with armature IEMs and they sound very different than dynamic ones. My first impressions are that it sounds airy and detailed with classical music. The bass is controlled and fast and does not bleed out into the other details. The treble is clear and

crispy while not being fatiguing. The soundstage is wider than the SP51 and the Monster Turbines making classical music great on these.


One thing to note is that when I was listening to R&B/Hip Hop, the music sounded very “spacious”, even close to echoing. It sounded very weird when I was listening to them and I couldn’t get use to that. Maybe it’s like that for all BA IEMs, but I don’t have experience with other ones.


While plugged into my laptop, I could hear a very audible buzz or static. However, once I plugged it into my Fiio E7, the problem disappeared. This is probably from having a crappy onboard soundcard. They sound just about the same from my iPhone and through the E7 so amping them is not necessary.




These two new IEMs from MEEletronics are a bargain for its price. The SP51 would fit people listening to bass-heavy music, but other music sound just as good. The A151 would be my recommendation of the two though. It excels in every category except for bass quantity. The A151 is well built, sound great, and is well priced. You can’t go wrong with either product. MEElectronics is a great company with great customer service and you will never feel neglected by their services. I recommend both their products and their company.

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In your opinion, would either of these iems be a decent choice for someone who primarily listens to metal?

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