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Panasonic RP-HTX7 thread

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This is just a thread to show your love for the RP-HTX7 and why you like them, mods, etc...
Have fun
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Thread starter with no pics or review?!


Esforça-te um pouco mais :)

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well i'm no reviewer but i'll have a go.


First off they are very bass heavy(bloated), but the highs are nice and sharp (a bit bright sometimes) and the mids are very recessed.


Then i found a thread which showed a mod where you tape up 2 of the 3 holes on the back of the driver (www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/449350/panasonic-rp-htx7-what-a-suprise), it made the bass a lot more accurate and brought out the mids a bit, the highs were fairly similar.


Then i got a sansa clip+ and a cmoy with OPA2134 the mids instantly became more up front and the bass more accurate, took off all the harshness in the highs, now i'm very happy with them, nice and fun to listen to, and very comfy.


Its not a good review but there.



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I put a pair of fake Sony earpads on mine, much more comfortable than the hard stock pads. But I hardly use the Panasonic any more.

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oh right, what model pads? The hard ones can hurt a bit now and then.
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well i have a lil story about them now, a little while ago my girlfriend (now ex girlfriend) got angry with me about nothing serious and decided to try and kill them, well she bent them real bad, they ended up all twisted and completly out of shape, i thought i would have to replace them, but when i got home i decided to take them apart, every part, unsoldered the connections, got a pair of pliers and bent them back, i was amazed that i managed to bend them back, i resoldered the connections and put them back together. They look as good as new, amazing! I love them, they are very robust.
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Hey nice to see that these headphones have this thread.


Well mine has a short story. I bought mine here in the Philippines since these were the headphones only available in green and liked the aviator-look. Love the leather band too.


The problem wear I wore them was the fit. I think it was snug that it screams "I am sitting on your ears". Also since the climate is hot here my ears always get sweaty when commuting.


About sq well, I am not an expert on this field but its ok with me compared to the price. I just connect it to my cmoy amp so as to get the treble right. As for the pic you can see it right there next to my sr60i.biggrin.gif

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glad you like the thread. Yes i also noticed they get hot. Mine now have a new home with my friend, as i have the AKG K518 DJ now. He is very happy with them.
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First post on Head-Fi! :D


Picked up a pair of the RP's in basic black from Amazon just recently, along with a Fiio E5, for use with my iPod while in labs at school.

Lurked here for a little while and found they were pretty well reviewed, so figured I'd give them a shot. Had I been able to locate a set of the FA-004's, I probably would have dropped the extra coin and picked those up, but hey, c'est la vie!


Having come from a non-HeadFi background and being a complete noob, I'm digging `em! For $30, I can't argue with the sound, and they do a great job of isolating me from the lab environment while I'm focusing on my work. Frankly, the looks were kind of a factor for me (why the FA's were in the running, too :D), and full-size cans were a must, as I'm just sick and tired of in-ear phones for various reasons.


In short, I really like these cans, know that I'm going to use them A LOT in future, so I figured I should join and post up!

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glad you like them, and they do isolate pretty well. my friend, which mine went to, is still very happy with them. the only downside is the mid range, which is very recessed.

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Yeah, I noticed that. Been digging for the mods some folks have done, but haven't really seen a "how-to" so to speak.

Any advice? I'd hate to start messing with them and break one of the covers or something! D:

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to get the pads off, pull gently on the corners, you can see in the pics

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