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$100 OE headphones

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Hey newbie here. I have never owned any good OE headphones. The only one I had was sony mdr-xd100 and that was terrible. I am looking for something around $100 that I can use in the subway or library. It doesnt need to be too big or flashy and should be comfortable for 2-3 hours of continuous listening. It will be used mostly for:

Hip-Hop - 60%

Trance/Techno - 30%

and Movies - 10%


I went through some of the other posts but did not find anything that met my criteria. Thanks for reading. 



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I think the Sony MDR-V6's would suit you well. They have very nice bass, and isolate very well. Should be able to get them for like $75 (they've gone up in price lately), they are well worth the price though! Still one of my favorite pair of headphones, especially for portable use.

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my friend recently got the bose oe headphones and it sounded really good when i tried it. but it is over my budget. how do they V6's compare to them. and i checked the reviews for V6's and it seems like they have been in the market for a while and have a really good feedback. 

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The V6's destroy the Bose On-Ears, IMO.


To me the Bose On-Ears were very muffled sounding, definitely not the case with the V6's. The V6's have very good clarity across the whole spectrum.


Some people describe them as having recessed mids, but I disagree. They do have a spike in the highs and bass, but the mids are definitely there, and never muffled.


If you do get the V6's, I have to mention that you should definitely avoid buying from eBay, as there are a ton of counterfeits floating around. Too many people are looking to save a few bucks by buying from eBay or unauthorized dealers, and they get burnt. Even some Amazon dealers sell fakes.


B&H, an authorized Sony retailer, has them for $70.


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Kukuk thanks for your help. yeah i found a bunch of fake ones. i actually bought a fake ex-700 without doing much research. but it was $3 so not a big deal. 

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i was looking at the pics and the wire seems to be coiled and long. majority of my listening will be done in the subway or the library through my ipod. from the looks of it i dont think i can fit all the wire in my pocket. 

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What do you guys think of the SRH-240??

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