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It's hard to believe that 9 pages in and there still is no mention of Jeff Beck (unless I missed it and if I did I do apologize).




Here's another...  Mattias Ia Ecklundh.


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Pat Metheny.  Not only can he shred but his composing is amazing!  To hear a simple interlude and wonder "how did you come up with that note selection??"  Just wonderfully beautiful in so many instances.

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I'm quite sure someone has already mentioned Andy McKee, but I won't read the whole ten pages to verify. And maybe no one mentioned him. Anyway, in my opinion, he's the god of acoustic guitar.


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Carlos Santana is a great guitarist. His live performances are awesome! 

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John Petrucci, hands down.

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No love for Steve Lukather? I really think he's one of the greatest guitarists ever. He played on hundreds, it not thousands, of records and is extremely good live also.

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Yep. Lukather. One of the best guitarist alive.


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No love for Steve Lukather? I really think he's one of the greatest guitarists ever. He played on hundreds, it not thousands, of records and is extremely good live also.


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Fareed Haque; renaissance man, virtuoso

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I'm not a country fan, but the best guitarist I've ever heard is a local ~70 year old guitar picker by the name of Jerry Menown. Though not indicative of his talent, once upon a time he was guitarist in Patsy Cline's band. He also played on the Country Music Jubilee back when it existed. These days, he plays rock and country sets, depending on what band he's playing with, but I think he prefers playing jazz. I've been fortunate enough to see him play quite a few times, with a band as well as solo. once, I was listening to him play a pretty difficult piece, then say, "and here's what it would sound like of Chet Atkins was playing it," and his style changed, and all of a sudden it felt like I was listening to Chet Atkins. A little bit later, he switched the style to that of Jerry Reed, then, continued changing playing styles. I don't think there's anything the man can't do with his guitar.
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I did not go through the previous contributions but my offerings are.


Mike Bloomfield

Peter Green

Rory Gallagher


I have heard some of the alleged modern crop of axemen but they don't do it for me. (It's probably an age thing.)

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Can't beat some of the blues guitarists introduced to the world by the likes of John Mayall.

Try three of my favorites onstage together during Mayall's 70th birthday celebration:




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I like good old Joe Satriani.  He isn't a stupendously fast picker (not that I have seen or heard anyway), but he does use legato very well.  He isn't someone who just shreds, which to me is half the battle.  He writes very melodic and not too far out-there tunes.


Another great guitarist is Eric Johnson.  I don't know his work as well as I do Satriani's but Cliff's of Dover says it all.

Definitely agree, Joe's fantastic and yet his music is still melodic and accessible (although he is certainly a guitarist's guitarist).  He's also great live (I've seen him in San Francisco, Boston, and Ottawa) and he doesn't need to simplify the more technically challenging work from his studio recordings when he's on stage...


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I don't know what this is but it always gives me chills!








Such an amazing lead at the 3.07 mark.



For my generation, this is the talent that surpassed Jimmy Page and Hendrix! Out with the old and in with the new!



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Anyone mention Frank Zappa yet? Haven't read whole thread yet so sorry if I'm late to the party



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Though he plays the banjo, Bela Fleck should be mentioned for his creativity and virtuosity.

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