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Sony MDR-V400 replacement?

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Hi people, need a bit of advice - I have owned a lot of very high quality and expensive headphones but for some reason my absolute favourite pair as still my old Sony MDR-V400's, which I bought way back sometime in the mid 90's. These are no longer made, and my pair are starting to fall apart, so I'm looking for a suitable replacement. Can anyone recommend some headphones that are likely to sound the same or at least similar to the old Sony MDR V400's? They really are nothing special, but there's something about their frequency response that is really pleasing to my ears, and that I haven't been able to find in other headphones of far superior quality. 

Any advice is appreciated, thanks :)

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Here's a pic for reference..


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Well then, here are some suggestions for ya:


Sony MDR-V6, V600, V900HD, 7506, 7509HD

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cool - thanks for those suggestions, I will check them out.

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I haven't tried to V600 but the consensus on this forum is to stay away from them.

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Is there any way of finding out the actual frequency response of the MDR-V400's? I'm interested in figuring out what I like so much about them, they are most definitely not flat, but they do seem to hit a sweet spot somehow. I play bass and all my basses sound great through these headphones, which would suggest that they have an unobtrusive low end which tapers off below 40hz with perhaps a very slight mid cut and high freq. boost, but that's going purely by what my ears tell me (and is therefore probably completely wrong)..

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