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Broken SRH840'S HELP!!

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Hey Guys,

I got a set of these about 6 months ago and I made the mistake of putting them in my school bag. What’s broken is a thin bit of plastic – it’s just shattered – and I don’t know what to do. At the moment I’m thinking that I put a small bit of ice cream lid over the top and super glueing it. Can any one else think of anything else?



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Let me bump this thread for freef49, there's an identical topic but without the pictures provided in this thread.


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i dont think your description is detailed enough. regardless photos would help a lot here...

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yeah..please take some. 



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Thank for telling me, Ive been using my iphone to do all this.....

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You'll probably need to send it in to Shure to get it repaired.  I would suggest getting in touch with them to find out how much a repair like this would cost, especially if it seems like you don't have any other options left.

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I sent mine off for a repair here in the UK after their RMA over the phone. They were returned to me express delivery with a note saying there is nothing wrong with them. They didn't call me to verify issues and stuck to their guns when I spoke to their superior.


The problems I have a year since purchase:

1. Plastic coating around the wiring on the headband comes off / tares open, exposing the wires bare, now in two places - have sellotaped all around

2. The area that connects the speakers to the headband has started cracking - glued it together, seems to hold strong

3. Sound is breaking up when you touch the cable from speaker to headband on the left side


I consider myself a fairly diligent user. Evidently that's not enough in my case... "Built like a tank"? Go, figure.


As for the sound, it's pretty good. The design of the 940's looks more partical, if nothing else.


Did you get yours repaired, freef49?

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What are you guys doing? Playing hockey with them? Lol I have had mine for well over a year, never baby them really and they're literally flawless. However, I do feel that the SRH440's feel slightly more robust than the 840's for some odd reason.
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No I didn't my cans are just sitting on the shelf, I would send them away but because i live in Australia they have to go to china to be repaired... At this point I'm thinking I should Just use a bit of icecream container and some epoxy.

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What's the difference in shipping costs between sending them to China and the USA? Try calling Shure headquarters in America, they're really really helpful.
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thanks for your help b ut ive just given up on these and have thrown then out :-(

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