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Just thought I'd update my experience with Westone CS, AWESOME, Jeff Markle took great care of me, and like he said, turnaround time was 2 weeks on the dot, just got my phones back and they sound better than ever, I've missed them!
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I just received my um3x after repair and am excited about their service. They only charged me $10 per monitor shell; I defected both sides. Im very satisfied as I was worried that the bill would come out to >$100. Thanks Rachelle from westone
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Westone went above and beyond with a problem I had with a pair of um3x phones.

Hopefully this is just a communication problem that can be worked out fairly.

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OMG I am on my second set of Westones the 3way ones. They were over $300. The LEFT ear went out within a year. They did replace them. Now the LEFT ear is out again within 2 years. And now I read that they can't be repaired. I bought custom molds last August for $125 they sucked. Clogging all the time from sweat and eventually the connection to the monitor became loose. The molds now slip off. I lost one like 4 times. I use these in my band and now I can't. Like the other poster I take better care of these inm than my car. One day you put them on and bam the left ear is cutting in and out. Maybe they shouldn't put such a thin flimsy wire on a $400 bud.


Totally Pissed Off.

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Although the thread is old, it is as valid as ever.   I have been using the Sennheiser HD-25 Is since I have replaced the Westone 3s, which means almost 2 years of continuous use and abuse.  It does not have a nary of a problem.  Since about 1 month ago, I have replaced them with a pair of Beyerdynamic DT-1350.  What a pleasant set of headphones and much, much better seal and much better materials than the Sennheisers....not to say that they are almost 2.5Xs more expensive.  


I just do not see the justification of paying $399 etc... for a pair of throwaway 3 way transducers.  Not to say that they sound necessarily bad but $400 is no chump change, not it is paying $175-200 every two years in order to replace them.  Perhaps their business model might be fine for some but for me, I am sticking to portable, over the ear type of phones from now on.  I am pretty sure that my Beyers will last me easily 1 decade or more of travel abuse.  


PS:  Did I mentioned that the 1350s seal pretty well?  


From balmy NYC.

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I bought the Westone 3s from Amazon just a bit more than a year ago and having similar issue with the left ear not working.  I called both Amazon and Westone and received the same answer.  Very very disappointed at Westone quality control and services.  Obviously, there is a know problem with the Westone 3s and the company should replace free of charge.  $300+ for a headphone that last barely over a year is not acceptable.  I'll not doing business when them again.   

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Bemopti123:  Glad the fullsize phones are working out for you.  But I have to think they take way less abuse than portables would.  I mean do you roll the full size up and stick them in your pocket like the W3's?  What would you expect?

Duy Dao:  Had you bought from an authorized dealer they would have replaced free of charge no questions asked.

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Hello Forum,


I've had the UM3X for 5+ years and really like the sound signature and comfort., recently the cable started to fail, on/off either earpiece. So I contacted Westone for a repair, I'm still waiting for a reply. But they already wrote about a replacement. I don't want any replacement and don't see any major issue in exchanging the cables or even the housing for the newer one with detachable cables.


Any one here has had a similar experience? and if so, is there other places where they can do the repair if Westone goes for the exchange policy?


Thank you

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