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Just thought I'd update my experience with Westone CS, AWESOME, Jeff Markle took great care of me, and like he said, turnaround time was 2 weeks on the dot, just got my phones back and they sound better than ever, I've missed them!
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I just received my um3x after repair and am excited about their service. They only charged me $10 per monitor shell; I defected both sides. Im very satisfied as I was worried that the bill would come out to >$100. Thanks Rachelle from westone
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Westone went above and beyond with a problem I had with a pair of um3x phones.

Hopefully this is just a communication problem that can be worked out fairly.

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OMG I am on my second set of Westones the 3way ones. They were over $300. The LEFT ear went out within a year. They did replace them. Now the LEFT ear is out again within 2 years. And now I read that they can't be repaired. I bought custom molds last August for $125 they sucked. Clogging all the time from sweat and eventually the connection to the monitor became loose. The molds now slip off. I lost one like 4 times. I use these in my band and now I can't. Like the other poster I take better care of these inm than my car. One day you put them on and bam the left ear is cutting in and out. Maybe they shouldn't put such a thin flimsy wire on a $400 bud.


Totally Pissed Off.

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Although the thread is old, it is as valid as ever.   I have been using the Sennheiser HD-25 Is since I have replaced the Westone 3s, which means almost 2 years of continuous use and abuse.  It does not have a nary of a problem.  Since about 1 month ago, I have replaced them with a pair of Beyerdynamic DT-1350.  What a pleasant set of headphones and much, much better seal and much better materials than the Sennheisers....not to say that they are almost 2.5Xs more expensive.  


I just do not see the justification of paying $399 etc... for a pair of throwaway 3 way transducers.  Not to say that they sound necessarily bad but $400 is no chump change, not it is paying $175-200 every two years in order to replace them.  Perhaps their business model might be fine for some but for me, I am sticking to portable, over the ear type of phones from now on.  I am pretty sure that my Beyers will last me easily 1 decade or more of travel abuse.  


PS:  Did I mentioned that the 1350s seal pretty well?  


From balmy NYC.

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I bought the Westone 3s from Amazon just a bit more than a year ago and having similar issue with the left ear not working.  I called both Amazon and Westone and received the same answer.  Very very disappointed at Westone quality control and services.  Obviously, there is a know problem with the Westone 3s and the company should replace free of charge.  $300+ for a headphone that last barely over a year is not acceptable.  I'll not doing business when them again.   

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Bemopti123:  Glad the fullsize phones are working out for you.  But I have to think they take way less abuse than portables would.  I mean do you roll the full size up and stick them in your pocket like the W3's?  What would you expect?

Duy Dao:  Had you bought from an authorized dealer they would have replaced free of charge no questions asked.

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Hello Forum,


I've had the UM3X for 5+ years and really like the sound signature and comfort., recently the cable started to fail, on/off either earpiece. So I contacted Westone for a repair, I'm still waiting for a reply. But they already wrote about a replacement. I don't want any replacement and don't see any major issue in exchanging the cables or even the housing for the newer one with detachable cables.


Any one here has had a similar experience? and if so, is there other places where they can do the repair if Westone goes for the exchange policy?


Thank you

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Originally Posted by endus View Post

I am a bit of a lurker on these forums...I usually come around when I am thinking about buying something new.  However, I had an experience with Westone that I feel ought to be put out there.  I didn't really see a lot of threads on this but I may be missing them.


I bought a pair of Westone 3's in July 2009.  Just the other day, I noticed that the left phone was cutting in and out a bit.  I am pretty careful with these...they live in the case when they're not in my ears...but I do use them more or less every day at work and occasionally for exercise.  I don't think anything has happened to them that would warrant them cutting out after less than two years of use.


I emailed Westone customer support to see if they could repair the phones for me.  They got back and asked for proof of purchase and my shipping information.  I sent them my receipt and my info.  They got back to me and told me that not only are the phones out of warranty, but they are not manufactured in the US and therefore cannot be repaired.  They offered a replacement set of phones - new out of box - for $175.


Those are the facts and everyone can decide for themselves whether they want to do business with this company.  I, personally, will never buy another one of their products again as long as I live.  These were over $300 phones and lasted me less than 2 years, and they cannot even be repaired AT MY COST.  That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of.  They sound great, they're comfortable, but the quality and level of service that Westone offers is completely unacceptable.  I think cutting out after less than 2 years is not really acceptable but...OK...they're out of warranty and I would be willing to pay to have them repaired.  Replaced at $175 though?  Not happening.


I guess I will be finding a new set of IEMs when I get the money.  This was not an insignificant purchase for me.  I guess I should have stuck with $15 Koss KSC75's.



   Exact same issue here but with my Westone W30, i am very disappointed with quality especially for something at 400 Euros !

   The customer service is awful, they just don't care and never returned my emails. 


   I was so happy with their quite good sound until my right driver start to works randomly (crackling, no bass anymore)

   Changing the cable didn't changes anything, so the right driver is really defect :(



   Compare to my 4 years old Klipsch s4i i paid 100 euros the quality of the Westone W30 is simply unacceptable! 


   Next time i will stick to Klipsch or other famous brands, i really feel cheated!!

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Both Westone and maybe Shure to an even a MORE forgiving standpoint, have AMAZING customer service, period.   The posts and testimonies  over the years here prove it.

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400 euros is not chump change for a pair of IEM.  The fact is that after a certain price point, people expect their investment to be repairable at a reasonable cost.  Replacement for 50% of the retail price, I do not know.  No company can maintain their reputation of excellence by offering earphones at half cost just after 2 years of use. And, no, I did not exercise with the earphones in question, but used them for commuting.  


Since I unloaded my Westones, I have have purchased a Beyerdynamic dt 1350 and also a Sennheiser HD25 IIs for portable on the go use.  The Beyers have had a clip replaced for $25 and the rest of the headphone is still intact.  The Sennheisers are unbreakable.  


Perhaps I must be expecting a lot from just $400 worth of earphones but $400 or worse 400 Euros are not $25 eabuds that you expect to have a finite lifespan.  

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I just got the same runaround from Westone; the right earpiece stopped working on my um3w, and it's just past the warranty period. They told me they don't repair them any more, but I'm welcome to buy a new set at full price. For $400, it should be a one-time investment. Musician's don't make enough to spend that much on IEM's every two years.

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Yea, although Westones were so far the best headphones I've ever had, they have really crappy customer service. I bought a new UM3X in 2012 and I've had to send them in several times because of the pins or the sound louder in one ear. I've always had to pay for the shipping, which I thought was ridiculous. Recently, I was in Haiti and the black piece of the shell snapped off. It still worked but it falls apart every time. Contacted Westone with photos. Drivers were fine, honestly just needed glue or something to put it back together. Said that they don't make them anymore and I can purchase for $200. 

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Well, my 4R's have gone just like the 3's that people are posting about on here. The left earphone has lost volume dramatically and has almost no treble. I've just posted them off (UK to USA) after getting an RMA. I bought them from a Japanese dealer in March 2014 but the warranty card wasn't stamped. I have a feeling I'll be out of luck for a warranty repair but hopefully they won't charge too much for a repair\replacement.


Isn't it a possibility that they could just replace the left earphone?  

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if you get lucky and get them replaced as I did.  Get them and sell them. That is if it is still under warranty. Whatever they might get in the used market for a new warranty replacement might be the same price you might pay for them if you have to pay for them at their "discounted" replacement rate.  Let me tell you, it is all in all, a waste of effort and money.

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