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Finally made the jump to Rockbox on my iPod Video 5.5 (wanted to try out Crossfeed logic & ReplayGain) and initially I am impressed by the ease with which I was able to install Rockbox in just a few clicks. Equally impressed that I could uninstall/re-install really easy (had a few mis-starts).


I've been listening for the past couple of hours or so (with default Crossfeed on) and I like what it does. I decided to turn it off for now and play with it later on but after having done so and listening to normal sound, I am thinking the Rockbox firmware soundes better on my ALAC files than the stock Apple firmware.It seems that there's a more


Am I nuts or is there some technical reason this is possible?  Has anyone experienced this or am I just kidding myself (or maybe I'm just very tired - it's been a long day).


I am pretty sure I have no EQ, Crossfade, etc. that would be altering sound in the digital domain (too tired to checfk right now but will confirm) so I can't think of any reason why I would be experiencing this (I had no expectations on this sort of bonus).


Maybe applying a standard normalization of 89db is introducing a slight & pleasant SQ change?