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the idea here is to setup your pc to play songs in a way that doesnt interfere with the original recording in any way....to allow what the actual recording was to come thru and allow you to hear what the artist and recording engineer was trying to provide you the listener.


Many of us, me included strive to setup our systems in a manner that will allow the source bits to flow to electronics to be reproduced in an analog format so we can indeed listen to them via our cans or speakers...


Adding a PC in the mix vs usng a cd player connected to a preamp and amp then speakers etc adds the additional complexity that comes along with a PC.


IE...ripping, noise, dacs, software, conversions etc...its mind boggling at times.


But we have come a long way and its possible to have a pc in the mix and set it up along with a application like a 'music player' in a manner that will allow the source to come thru unaltered.


Then its down to how the source really sounds with your cans or speakers or transducers.


So when you say you want to have control or more control...this can be coming from several areas that you may or may not understand based on your listening experience etc...


The first thing I would try to do is to get your pc and software setup to run in a "bit-perfect" manner...this setup will allow the bits from the source to flow through the pc to the DAC and to your AMP etc..and hear what the orignal cd or source intended.....your source files should be in a lossless format like FLAC etc...


Once this bitperfect mode is setup you can then decide if you really need to manipulate the audio in anyway....I tend not to, and i look for recordings that are world class and mastered very well.


But I agree that there are many recordings that are compressed and sound like crap and you may want to tinker with them via an equilizer etc....but i dont like to waste the time with crappy recordings....there is too much good stuff our there to listen to.....which is another whole topic.


I find things like JPLAY are absolutely snake oil....and your wasting your money here on this code....but hey its your money....


Hope some of this makes sense..


have a great day



Wow... thanks for the great response. You're right, I definitely need to understand more about how this all works so I can get the best experience.

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wolf11...fyi its not that hard to get bitperfect playback setup....it used to be a real mess but with Win7 and modern players its relatively easy to do...



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Do i need this if im using an external dac and running J.River Media Center?

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cssarow, if your asking if u need this software if your using a dac and Jriver the answer is NO absolutley not, you do not need this for bitperfect playback....I use Jriver and have used Foobar, I prefer Jriver for a myriad of reasons. Its a good solid application with a great support structure.



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Originally Posted by cssarrow View Post

Do i need this if im using an external dac and running J.River Media Center?


Maybe yes, maybe no.  I didn't like this tweak in my system, and it certainly isn't "needed".  There is no guarantee this will improve the audio performance of your system, and in fact some people seem to think it will make things worse.  Personally I leave the processor scheduling settings to windows and set it to background tasks as I find that this sounds the best but you may find differently.

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I already explained in my website and sorry that I'm not smart enough to make some people feel like they understand and accept it. I'll throw few random links if you're curious to findout below.
It may not really help though but I don't have to prove anything for my personal project at all. I made Fidelizer mainly for personal use on desktop and released it just to prove that Windows wasn't that inferior to Mac like most people thought back there. If you don't believe in Fidelizer, just move on with your favorite setup. If you can't do that, you just want to make the world goes around you and that's what we called 'closed mind'.
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ok so wheres your analytical proof that your mucking around with services makes bitperfect audio any better or worse...or wait maybe i need to wait the entire three weeks before your stuff really amazes me??


on your site you say to "grab it while you can..." so you must be getting close to critical mass so you can start charging for your unproven stuff???


none of that stuff states any real world sonic improvement.....maybe my system will boot up faster and HANG up quicker with your magic elixer...


how much more bitperfect is this magic going to make my audio sound....wheres the 'beef' man...



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This software is great.

Now with that, j-river have the same good sound as jie extreme player.

Without that soft, Jie extreme is "much" better than j-river.

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