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Which headphones should I get for my Astro MIxamp? Ath-AD900, Beyer dt880s, or KGS 70

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So I'm in the hunt for some audiophile grade headphones to go with my Astro Mixamp. I understand the 880's and the kGGs 701's will need an amp like the fiio e9 to power them so i am prepared to buy the amp if necessary. I am basically trying to figure out which pair of cans would provide me the best experience for games/movie in no particular order. I hear the audio technica Ath-AD900 provides excellent soundstage but weak bass especially for action oriented games and movies. I also hear the 880's provides decent bass. Which of these three headphones would be best for me? Also if I were to get say the 880's which version should I look at the 250 Ohms or 600 Ohms provided I power them with the e9?

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AD700s for gaming cause they're the best period but they have no bass

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AD900 does have tight, enjoyable bass - whether its going to be enough to give you the KER-RUMP bass you want for games is a question only you can answer. K601 were my fave gaming phones - comfortable, great positional audio and very non-fatiguing - but they are overpriced for everything else. For those who want every explosion in a shooter to sound like Armageddon, I'm sure the M50s will go closer for a lot less than the phones you have listed.

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Bass is not the most important thing for me but I do feel like it is very important espeially for action games

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bump.... anyone have any suggestions?

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just read here, and choose the one pleases you most:


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Can someone please just give me some specific suggestions instead of pointing me to another thread. I am now dead set on getting the Mixamp/ e9 combo. I'm just torn in choosing between the AKG 701's, the Beyer DT880 at 600 Ohm or the Beyer 990 at 600 ohms. Like I said before I will be using it probably 60% percent for movies, 40% for games. And how does Dolby Headphones perform with movies? Another question: will I need the e7 as a DAC if am just using the e9 for my consoles (ps3 & xbox)?

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Are you paying anyone to answer your questions? You demand specific answers when there are answers for your question all over the place. Just press the type and press SEARCH. It is at the top of the page. 


Anyway Get the dt990 if you like bass or the dt880 if you like neutral sound. In case you love soundstage over anything get the k701. Got it?

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I'm sorry if I'm being rude a too direct. But I have been searching the threads non-stop ( especially Mad Lust Envys's threads on this website and Avsforum) and I cannot find any conclusive answers to my questions. I'm about to spend 300+ on headphones which i can't listen too before I purchase them so I want to be completely sure the headphones will be right for me. I guess i'm just experiencing a little anxiety about the whole thing, and would highly appreciate some personal advise in regards to my specific needs and circumstance. I'm not too interested in FPS competition but do want some headphones that would be in excellent in both games (of all types) and movies with movies having slightly more priority over games. Again sorry if I have been rude, just a little anxious lol :)

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Well I think I have answered your question. as to movies with dolby headphones, yes it does very well. I imagine the dolby headphones technology to be designed for movies... I would be surprised if wrong.


If you are buying the e9 and mixamp I see no use for consoles. why? E7 is not going to do 5.1 but mixamp does 5.1 and lower (2.0,2.1,...).

Unless you want to add your computer or any other music player to your system, I see no point for e7.

If you answer fast enought I can answer all your questions.

On the headphones if you apreciate bass go with dt990. If you don't want anything emphasized, go with dt880.

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sorry I've was in class from 2:00 to 2:50 so not sure if you on still on.So I should go with the Dt990 if I want to watch movies? And how does the 701 sound with movies especially action oriented? Thanks for the relpy

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DT990 if you can handle prominent treble.


Is that direct enough for you?


Yes they do what you want them to do very well.


Since you're set on having the E9 to help power them with the Mixamp, may as well go for the 600ohm.

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sorry for sounding like a noob but what exactly is treble?

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Treble, the highest pitch sounds? Like cymbals crashing.

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gotcha besides bass what is the main difference between the 880's and the 990's?

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