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Help. I need to buy my first pair of IEM's for Church stage use!

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Hey guys,


I'm super new on this forum.

Today I talked to my sound guy because I've been borrowing my friend's IEM for a while now but I thought it would be a great time to finally invest in one.


Here's some background information on the use..


We definitely mic EVERYTHING from 2 electrics, drumkit, keys and bass into the house and DI-boxes for the acoustics.

We play all types of music and it's been awesome.


The A/V guys just told me about the difference in dual-drivers and single-driver IEM's but yeah to be honest I don't want to buy one now and have to spend again later because I didn't fully like them or they didn't perform. That being said I also don't need the best of the best. I need a best bang for the buck and if you guys have any suggestions I would REALLY appreciate it. I'm so new to this world of head-gear so I would definitely appreciate any feedback ALONG with actual suggestions and pricing.


I would like to stay below 150-160. I know that's pretty low in the IEM world but it's definitely something inevitable being a full-time student paying tuition. Hope you all can all help a brother out and thanks for your time!



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I just emailed a couple of my worship leader friends (they also record and produce) and I'll get back to you as soon as they do.


I'm sure there are others on this forum who can help though, too!

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ya currently looking into a pair of used triple fi pros or UE 700s. haha both are so pretty too...


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If you go the Shure route, like the SE315 single driver, you can upgrade to custom with silicone sleeves (Sensaphonics). Then those sleeves can still be used when upgrading to the SE425 dual and/or SE535 triple later on. So it gives you good entry level ears with a clear upgrade path.

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cool. looked into them. im just a bit confused. alot of articles seem to really stress the "more drivers = usually better" kinda deal. just a bit confused only because the shure se425 are around 300 but for the same price i could get the triple fi 10's and the 535s are definitely out of my price range..any help with that? sorry just a bit new to this so trying to get the most of out my possible purchase ;)



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I really don't know anything about stage monitors, but I do not think the TripleFi would make a good one. They are huge and would look rather odd sticking way out of your ear on stage. Also the sound signature while fun, might not be the best for a stage monitor. The TripleFi is a rather colored IEM which makes it very enjoyable, but not necessarily the most accurate, which I would think would be what is desirable for a stage monitor. That said, I know there are lots of bands on budgets that use worse. I read about one that started using the MEElectronics M6 recently, which looks very professional, but again more fun than accurate--but as they were using Skullcandy before that *shudders* it is quite the improvement. Anyway, I cannot really say I have any suggestions since I am no expert on IEMs, but those Shures do sound promising.


P. S. As a former church production guy I really appreciate what you guys do.

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thanks for that input. and from a guitar player's stand point we REALLY appreciate the sound/production team ALOT haha

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started looking at the westone um2's as well and noticed alot of ppl are saying while the triple fi's are good for just listening to music. not a great on-stage mon.

now seriously considering um2s hrmm.. what do you guys think>?? thanks so much for the help thus far!

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I had the UM3X and really enjoyed them. If you can afford the UM2, go for it!

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I'll try to look for them used here :P if you know anyone send them my way please =D

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Also, if anyone else still have other options to look around that price range please get back to me =) Used or New is fine thanks! The more information the better! haha

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I think that for stage use, the most important thing is isolation; I wouldn't worry too much about single vs dual driver--you need to stay within budget and ensure that it's isolating so you can hear the mix.


Westone's UM1 and W1 are good choices (the W1 having more bass) for isolation and comfort; Shure can be decent too although I think that on the lower end models, the mids are recessed. 

Also consider the TripleFi 10--beware the fit and the design sticking out a fair amount--because it went on sale in early Dec for $99, so you might be able to find it 2nd hand for cheap.

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cool thanks eric. why shouldn't i worry about single vs dual? for entry level would it be not much of a difference?

yeah i find that the ones i borrowed. i could hear the mix but i couldnt separte the instruments apart, it was all very muddy.

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Well, I say not to worry overmuch about it because budget's a much bigger concern. Also, there are 2 more reasons--

First, as a stage musician, it's not 100% essential to hear everything. For example if you're the bassist, then you need more of the drums so you guys will stay in sync, if you're a vocalist you probably need more of yourself and the lead singer. There's many ways to make do, and ultimately the fine tuning of the instruments' EQ makes instrument separation crucial for the sound crew, not you.

Second, as a church musician, you don't want to get caught up in technicalities, you're there to encourage people to worship God. Yes, you want to give your best in His service, but that also means making wise use of the budget you have and if that imposes some technical limitations on your equipment, so be it--it's not like your playing/singing was severely handicapped before you could afford IEMs. I'm sure you can make excellent use of a single-driver IEM, and I'm sure you can make excellent use of a dual-driver IEM, but isn't it more important to make excellent use of your talents--both physical and fiscal?

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I actually recommended a drummer a pair of Future Sonics Atrio before. She is also playing in church. The new Atrio with MG7 probably will suit you if you need to pay attention to bass.

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