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Compact Monitors stage 4 custom iems

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Hi, Thanks to James444 I read about this German custom iem company since I am looking into custom iems made in Europe. they seem to have a new top model here: http://www.compact-monitors.de/cms_e/stage-serie/stage-4.html I might try to get a demo model. These are quite expensive but the westone es5 would be quite expensive too, it is made in the Netherlands. I am also considering the em3pro and acs t1 but have to see if I can demos of any of these. Greetings, Anouk,

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^ Hi, I heard the Demo version of the Stage 4 in Frankfurt yesterday. Compared it to the UE18 demo. Both were very good but I preferred the Stage 4. Was quite impressed with them actually. They had the most solid bass I have ever heard. Very smooth and refined. However they sounded dark, with a rolled off treble. And the bass was too prominent and too overwhelming for my tastes. Mind you, I like deep powerful bass but in this case the quantity was too much, though I loved the quality. Your opinion may differ though. The UE18 was more balanced across the frequency range, but it did not sound quite as refined as the CM. Overall, if I had to choose between the two, I'd probably take the Stage 4.

Not to sidetrack you, but since you're spending this kind of money, I must mention that I much prefer the FAD BA-SS. Having heard the FAD's, I would not buy the CM or the UE. The BA-SS have that special quality that no other IEM I have heard has - the music just seems so much more unfettered and free through them, it breathes and flows. And it plays tunes so much better, I just find it far more musical. With a proper fit and seal, the BA-SS throws a superb 3-D holographic soundstage. Compared to them, the CM and the UE, or for that matter, any other IEM that I have heard, sounds forced. Money was no object for me so I could have chosen any IEM, my choice was the BA-SS. Of course they do not isolate as well as a custom IEM, but still the level of isolation they give is sufficient to allow use while travelling. By the way, these comparisons were made using a iPhone 4 which is what I would use them with. Results will of course vary depending on what source you intend to use them with.


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Hi, I owned the final audio design ba sb myself. I liked them for a universal iem but I certainly do hope that full customs do sound significantly better with the money i will be spending on them. For me I preferred the sm3 over the fad because of its soundstage though. The ultimate ears are not on my shortlist. Greetings, Anouk,

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Hi, I have not heard the SM3 so I can't compare it's sound to the BA-SS. However I have heard the BA-SB and compared to the SS, the SS is much more refined, much more transparent and has that stunning 3-D soundstage. The SB is like standing on the Conductor's podium in a Classical concert - the sound is very up-close, while the SS is like sitting in the best seats in the hall.

Anyway, if you have made up your mind to go in for Customs, I would highly recommend the Custom Monitors. The build quality is superb, the sound is classy, refined and smooth. As for the sound balance, just to give you some idea, they sounded something like the SB with that heavy bass, while the treble was rolled of but still extended, something like the SE530. However, you must take a listen yourself, it's quite possible that they will sound different to you, depending on your ears and on your tastes.

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Hi, yes, once i have my ears cleaned by a doctor I will try to get as many custom demos as possible. Did you ever heard from fab iems from Germany? Greetings, Anouk,

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Hi. No, I have not heard of Fab iem's. By the way, if I may ask, why are you going in for custom iem's? And what is your opinion of the SM3? This is one iem I have not heard. And how does it compare to the BA-SB?
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Hi, The main reasons for me to go into custom iems are isolation comfort and sound quality. According to a lot of people top of the line customs sound a lot better then top of the line universals. But for me most important is that i need isolation and comfort, of course I also want better sound though. Well the sm3 is very nice sounding. For me its most remarkable trait was its soundstage which is really 3d-like. It doe snot have as much treble energy as the sb, the sb sounds more upfront. But its soundstage was really remarkable to me. Greetings, Anouk,

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Ahh in that case you really must listen before deciding, because the Stage 4 did not have a very good soundstage - it was acceptable, but not special.
If you liked the SM3, then I suppose the EM3Pro might suit you better than the Stage 4. But as far as I know, there is no where you can audition Earsonics in Europe except at their factory. Anyway, I wish you the best in your quest and look forward to hearing of your impressions once you get them. Keep us updated.

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anybody has this?

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I had a demo for some days, they are very good,  like the JH16, with very deep bass and crisp highs....

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i like the stage 2 better, because they have a great soundstage, while the stage 4 plays more in your face.
also the highs of the 4 can be annoying sometimes. even though the 2 has less drivers it can compete with the more driver customs. its more a question of taste. compact monitors are highly recommended in german hifi forums. their customer service is outstanding. a lot of us switched from jhaudio to cm just because of that.
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thanks guys.



the reason i'm asking is, i saw the iem from the local dealer and the craftsmanship is just great(better than jh).  the sound, i always find the demo version different from the actual thing so... 

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anyone has this?  or want to share(more)?  i ordered mine couple months ago and now it's here, at the dealer(last week actually). 

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Originally Posted by Anouk View Post

Hi, Thanks to James444 I read about this German custom iem company since I am looking into custom iems made in Europe. they seem to have a new top model here: http://www.compact-monitors.de/cms_e/stage-serie/stage-4.html 



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