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New IEMs: What To Do....

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Ok. Begin at the beginning. I have been trolling these forums (with only my eyes). 


I want some new IEMs. I have Shure SCL2's from years ago, which need to be updated. I recently got Shure SRH840's and an iBasso D4 Mamba to go with them. But those who know about the 840 know they are by no means a portable headphone. Maybe sitting in the car, but thats about it. So I'm in the market for some IEM's to use while walking to class, on the bus, etc etc. 


I'm open to choices and I have no real budget cap, but I'd like to keep it within reason for a college student. I work so sooner or later I can blow money on headphones. No, I cannot buy Westone ES5's or JH16s. Maybe in the future. 


I listen to a lot of indie/alt/rock. I have a weak spot for female vocalists. 


These are what I'm considering. 


Turbines Gold/Copper: I know not the different between the two, but I gather than the golds are more fun and the coppers are more neutral and analytical. I dislike the flashy bling and I'm used to the whole over the ear IEM because of the Shure's I've been using since high school. The main attraction of these is the great warranty, I don't mine second hands, but I hear they break the warranty deal.


SE535: Removeable cables. Shure warranty. Biggest downside is that the sound might not be fun but rather fatiguing like the 840's I have. Pricey for universals. 


WE 3/4: I initially was saving up to get 3's, mainly waiting for a ~$250 price (wish I had picked up the new pair at this price not too long ago in the sale/trade forum) but I hear that the 4 is coming out and want to see the influence on the price of 3's. Or people upgrading and selling 3's for cheap. I think this is my best bet. But hold on. 


Triple Fi 10's: I missed out in the $95 amazon deal. Bleh. I am a college student and could get these right now without waiting and having to go into other funds. Ideal. The thing is, at such a low price compared to the other headphones, I can use them till they break and then get them custom shelled and replaceable cables. The biggest problem I have with my SCL2's was that the cable would crack every 6months. Getting a replaceable cable will end all sorts of cable monkey business. But I hear Westone cables are great. Anyhow Wouldn't cost me more than $180, but I will have to see how cheap I can get with impressions (I have to check what I can get with impressions and how cheap I can find that service). 


SM3: I don't really know too much, but I read these were good as well and similarly priced in the ~$300 range. There is even one on the sale forum. 


IE8: I've read mixed things on this, and I know senn is great with open cans, and the cx300 and other have gotten great reviews. But I think I'd like to stay with the whole over ear design other brands have to offer. 


1964 Ears: Because the idea of getting used universals for cheap with the triple fi's and using them till they break on me and then getting them custom shelled has come up in my mind, I figured I might toy with the idea of customs all together. I'm really looking into 1964 ears, the triple for only $350, the cost of new Westone 3s. Granted I need to get impressions, but hey, they are customs. The drawback if that there are dual low and one high. Hmm...why not one low, one mid and one high? This makes me want the Westone 3's or go for the quads which are $500 (dual low, one mid, one high) and will take much more money saving and time. 


I guess the biggest issue here is, the biggest bang for not the cheapest buck, but for a decent amount. I don't have a budget cap, but I'd like to keep it as cheap as possible for the best sound. I feel like I should wait on the Westone 4's get the 3's used for cheap and make them customs later when I need to or can leisurely afford to. But are the triple fi 10's worth it, if I use them and custom shell them when I have to? Will custom triple-fi 3's at a total cost of maybe ~$300 be as good as universal Westone 3's at a similar price? So many options. I don't know. Another issue is that I can't find anywhere to audition any of these...I could just go to a can jam or something, but I'll have to look into that. I got my SRH840 after reading up on them on this forum and I'm pleased with them. This is why I'm asking you! (:

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audition them all

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se535's are the best in my opinion

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