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It's not implimented the same.  These are not even matched inputs.  That and the lack of balanced TRS outs, even though internally there's the circuitry for it, really makes me mad they skimped on it.


I'm finding the highs on the Emu to sort of stick out from the rest of the spectrum and have a slight grit or something to them that they shouldn't have.  It doesn't sound as seamless a transition into the mids as it should.  Sounds a touch brighter than it should be, as a result, but the actual response is flat in that region.  Anyone else notice that?

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Well can you recommend me something balanced in similar price range? I doubt this would help removing hiss, my Titanium HD is not some laptop audio port.

You may look at Steinberg CI1.

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why is there no windows 8 driver for emu 0204 !!!!!!  does not work even in capability mode............... any help?  thx 

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For future reference:

  • My EMU 0204 USB is plugged into a USB3 port of my laptop, and I'm using the bundled USB cable. I have zero problems, it's rock solid.
  • The main volume pot doesn't control volume of the stereo line-out, which always outputs 2V no matter what. Sadly there is no way to mute the line-out when using headphones (on Linux anyway, I'm not sure about other OSes).
  • 24/192 is fully supported on Linux.
  • Sound quality wise, the DAC is excellent.

I absolutely love it.
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Anybody had any luck with the 0204 on OSX 10.9 (Mavericks)?  I've tried installing the latest drivers (for Snow Leopard & Lion) in a Mavericks VM, and it crashes on boot when the 0204 is connected to the VM.  This does not incline me to try upgrading the host machine (an iMac) to Mavericks.

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I used the beta driver for 0404 on Win8.1 and it worked but now I use no driver because I plug in optical out from mb into optical in on 0404 so just use it as a DAC. It auto syncs to 48khz but if you want to use other sampling rates then to get it to sync you set the sampling rate and then turn 0404 off/on and then it will re-sync to new sampling rate. I have mine set to 96khz/24bit in Windows playback sound settings. I only use it for music and for games etc. I use the mb audio @44.1/16bit.

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While I'm listening music via EMU-0204, the 4th core of my CPU used by 100% (like a sine).


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Is there anyone who used HD598(32 Ohms), or similar low impedance headphones with E-MU 0204?


It has 22 Ohms of  Output Impedance, and I heard it harms the sound quality with low impedance headphones.


Is it ok to use 32 Ohm Headphone with E-MU 0204, without other amps?

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Hi all! I hope this thread is still alive. Recently I've taken the risk and purchased the subject. My system is early 2015 MacBook air, MacOS X El Capitan 10.11.5 and E-MU 0204 usb.

It actually works not bad without noticeable bugs.

My question is how to make it work in "Direct" mode with Audirvana plus. The reason is, as I understand, in "Not direct" mode the sound goes through the Core Audio. In direct mode Audirvana says the track is loading endlessly, or it plays but the sound is toooooooo sloooooooow. No matter what I've tried to change in resampling settings - nothing helps. I have only these two options.



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