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Originally Posted by yosh View Post

aroldan. Thank you very much again for b723f81M 120509. Rockbox reaction is faster and I feel it sounds warmer and reverb is more beautiful. I love it.

What did you do??? Although Mac can't see it still,,,,,


I updated to the latest RB commit. I also applied:

  • New crossfeed algorithm for Rockbox: "Meier" crossfeed

  • Work in progress hermite resampler.

  • Add identify() call to reset procedures

  • filesystem events: Add a new event to trigger on file access

  • 10band eq

  • Battery Boost (Vcore from 1.050V to 0.950V at 54MHz and from 1.200V to 1.100V at 216Mhz)


I disabled for the moment the battery estimation time as I plan to make a real battery benchmark.

I'm on a business travel and I can't allow me to live without music for one day :)

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After 3 hrs, I like the total image specially bass to mid-high. Classical guitar sounds great. Wish cymbals shine and have colors. Last one had great high and each sound was powerful. Just my feeling. Thank you, aroldan!!!

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True, i think it really improved the highs, im a treble head and no longer feel the need to boost the highs.
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So I can now install rockbox on my ipod classic and my music won't be erased?

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Anyone have this bootstrap_ipodclassic.exe file?  I can't seem to be able to download it, and I'm trying to install Rockbox on my new iPod Classic.

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up same to me

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I can't get the winusb_driver.zip either.  I get a 403 error whenever I try to download anything from FreeMyIpod.  This sucks.

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I think I got EmCORE here ( not sure ).
The following instruction is really good. Also if iTunes installed on Windows, you connect iPod and press MENU+Center for a while, then iTunes will ask to repair iPod classic.


http://115.com/file/e7bbv59w       post#724


Here! press the green button to download. everything you need is here.


I am sure there is tutorials on how to rock box it. it's pretty simple. When you copy and paste the "rockbox" folder. Use the update from aroldan instead.


1. Delete itunes (you don't have to, but it's better)

2. Use ctrl+alt+delete to turn off "applemobileservice" and "ituneshelper" in the task manager

3. Connect ipod to laptop, then hold menu + select till the screen is completely off (around 15 seconds). Now you entered DFU mode (if the system ask the driver for it, use the one included in the file)

4. Run "bootstrap_ipodclassic_itunes", then you will have a UMSboot 64mb usb drive in your "computer".

5. Copy "installer-ipodclassic-r859-20120102.ubi" into the USMboot drive. Then safely remove your ipod and wait until the rb to be installed.

6. Reconnect again you will see your ipod drive, and copy aroldan's "rockbox" folder into your ipod drive. Disconnect it and hold the play to restart.



The above are on page 49 in this forum


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It took for a while. I enjoy very much.

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Originally Posted by aroldan View Post

Here's the list of my builds and where I'll be putting them:




Great ones!!!


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Originally Posted by Dukedudez View Post

So I can now install rockbox on my ipod classic and my music won't be erased?

I'm not sure, but I don't think so. Only Rockbox is running in my classic now.

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Finally got it to work.  What's the best way to set up album art?

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I read somewhere on here, get the album image and rename it to "folder".

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aroldan, I went back to 12505. Newest one is good, but I preferred wild one - 12505. Electric bass and bass drum separate nicely and cymbals have colors. Each sound has power.  Feels like i'm sitting in the band. 


I haven't done any album art yet. Crazed in music. Thank you, aroldan.


Main: Mac Pro ( RME aio ) - Behringer DCX2496 mod - SPL Volume 8 - Crown D-75A(x2) - Dynaudio BM5P

Sub: Mac mini - Yulong AmpOne - Audio Nirvana

Portable: iPod classic 160G ( Rockboxed ) - Meier H. amp - Westone 2

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yeah I found the newest update does kill the battery more.

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