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That looks like a serious cord. It is so Red ! Thanks Jude!
post #17 of 36 looks like I'm the only one who didn't like them. I agree with most of the points that have been made. There are improvement all around except for bass which remains the same. I felt this to be a bit too imbalanced for me and I couldn't live with it. I also felt that the "air" surrounding the instruments was also lessend to some degree. I guess my tastes and priorities are just different.

I'm looking at selling mine too. It is the red clou cable.
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Don, both the red and blue cables are very stiff, there is not much difference between them in this respect.

Jude, I sympathise on the stiffness issue, which I agree is a problem. The bigger problem, though, is that they just sound so much better with the Clou cables it is hard to go back to the standard cable. I suspect that if you sold your clou, you would end up buying another one later on. And now that you are a Max owner, you really need to have the best! :-)
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This is a follow-up to my earlier report in this thread on my Clou Red Jaspis cables. I believe they are now pretty much broken-in. I've always thought of my combination of Senn. 580s and Max as kinda dark and a little lean. Well, not anymore.

The sound has become much richer and full of life. It is much easier to hear cymbals nows. Still not what I would consider bright, but just right. Vocals sound more palpable, and thus somewhat closer. The increase in instrument separation and detail is really impressive! Much easier to differentiate and locate guitars, violins, etc...

Perhaps the most startling improvement I've found is the bass. Yes, I realize most people haven't found any improvements in this area, but I have, and I'll back up ai0tron on this. It's like the old cord was throttling the physical impact of the bass. Bass notes I was hearing and feeling a little before are much tighter and cause more of a physical impact. Actually, on a few songs there is almost too much bass now. Admittedly, I hear this more on some cds than others.

Now, as others have mentioned, there are a few drawbacks having to do w/ the cable itself. Personally, I don't mind the red color, others may. The first annoyance is the cable stiffness. Definitely less flexible than the original cable, but not so much that it really hampers placement. The second annoyance is a little bothersome for me. Not only is the cable stiffer, but it's also heavier. This means it pulls my 580s down on my head enough to be a little uncomfortable after awhile. Have to figure out something to do about that.

So the bottom line is this cable was worth every penny I paid for it. The improvements I hear are not subtle, much better than what I thought a cable could do. Part of that I'm sure is that my source and amp are very good as well. Highly recommended!
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Well, I made up my mind on the Clous.

Videoshielded is the new owner of them.

actimation, I would have contacted you about them, but Videoshielded had contacted me early about them via e-mail.

Videoshielded, let us know what you think about the Clous after you've had them in for a bit.
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Hi Guys,

The next 2 people who call me and order a Red Jaspis cable will receive a Clou Cable T-Shirt. Ask for me and the shirt! 800-828-8184
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Damnit...I just placed an order for a Red Jaspis from you guys yesterday!

- pearle
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What cables are you guys talking about?

Are you guys all talking about the interconnects or the extension cable?

I am also not quite sure how you use the extension cable, are you replacing the actual cables on your headphones with the red (or blue) one you're all talking about? or using it as an extension? or even interconnect, anyway, I'm confused, could someone please help me here, thank you
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The Red Jaspis is a cable replacement.

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grrr223, the Clou cable is a replacement cable for the headphones. Just pull out the cable currently plugged into the Sennheiser 580s or 600s, and plug the Clou cable in. Interconnects are the cables associated w/ the other equipment (amp, pre-amp, source, etc...).
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Thank you

Thanks Pearle and DHWilkin for answering my questions, I have a newly acquired interest in headphones and music now that my mom said I can't bring my dvd player back to school after seeing my grades for the spring semester. I have ordered a pair of HD580s from and they are apparently "on order" so I still haven't ever actually ever listened to a good pair of headphones yet.

In the meantime I'm trying to build the cmoy pocket amp, it's at least occupying my time I hope to have it finished by the time I get them, and if it takes any longer I may I have bought a pair of interconnects also. Then again, I may have graduated college by the time these headphones come.

Happy Listening
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blue v. red

to those who have both the blue and red clou cable, what's the diff between the two sonically? is the red worth the extra $30?
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I heard form someone that did own both that the difference was very small. He felt hwoever that it was worth it to own the red one just to curb the effects of paranoia. I have the red and I feel it was worth the money I spent.
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I'm really thinking about buying one of those red ones, but my Corda only had 1/8" jacks. Does anyone use one of those Grado 1/4" to 1/8" adaptors? I'd rather not try to drill the faceplate on the Corda because it's 1/4" thick, and I don't have a full-sized drill.
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Originally posted by Rotareneg
I'm really thinking about buying one of those red ones, but my Corda only had 1/8" jacks. Does anyone use one of those Grado 1/4" to 1/8" adaptors? I'd rather not try to drill the faceplate on the Corda because it's 1/4" thick, and I don't have a full-sized drill.

I just bought one of those Grado 1/4"-to-mini adapters from HeadRoom. While there may be measurable loss of something, my relatively sensitive ears aren't picking up anything I can notice.

I use one for my Total Airhead and computer which only have mini jacks for the headphones. Yes, my Sony and Sennheiser phones have mini plugs with 1/4" adapters, but I'd rather not keep taking those off and putting them on -- and, besides, the 1/4" plug seems much stronger, and I'd rather bend the pin on the adapter in a worst case scenario than the mini plug on my headphones.

As you've figured out, the Clou -- with only a 1/4" plug -- will necessitate some sort of adapter (if you don't want to change the jack on your Corda). Again, I haven't found the Grado adapter to be audibly lossy and so recommend it.
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