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Hi again, About amps: I am pretty sure 1.5 years ago there was a dutch guy with a zana deux. He would have brought it but then it broke down. He bought it from Blackmore. I forgot his name htough although I think it was something like Chimp. The thread should still exist though so we might be able to track him down and see if he still has it/ would like to come. Nick, have you mailed Kees, blackmore, tohenk2 and guydebord? These are the dutch head-fiers that I remember from the top of my head that have a lot of interesting gear. I would be able to bring a laptop, dacmagic and final audio design fad sb iems. I might be able to bring an ibasso t3d portable amp and possibly a modified dacmagic. I am also in the process of buying earsonics sm3. I dont have any fullsize cans anymore. Greetings, Anouk,

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Hi, I was thinking some more about the last meet. I talked back then to Drosera who had some very nice amp and dac (i think the phoenix but not sure) which was quite the rage at that time. I am not sure if he was interested in coming then but you could always ask him now. Then there is Ferrari (but he was not interested in attending a meet then) who has a beta 22, one of the amps I still really want to hear. Jan Meier was too busy at that time. Maybe there are also some German head-fi members who live relatively close to the Dutch border interested in joining as well? Greetings, Anouk,

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I'd love to come, but Almere is a 3 hour drive. too bad

I could bring all headphones mentionned in my sig, the T3, Bravo V2 and one of the A1 amps should the meet be closer

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Feb 13

Feb 27

Mar 20


These are the dates that would work for me (so far). I'd definitely prefer March the 20th as that would give me more time and hopefully I'll have a new amp by then as well: the Rockhopper Audio Balanced M3 to go with my ED9s. The rest of the gear I'll bring is in my sig. Not much has changed except I sold the Prolines (yeay) and bought the ESW9 (a big yeay).


I'll contact Sergei (Blackmore) and Kees to check on their interest. If I have the time I'll check Hans as well, it would be great meeting him again.


Edit: Done cool.gif

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M3? In that case we will have to wait until March! :-D Oh, and from those I only PMed Kees...


Well, I have to write a paper that is due tomorrow... No more head-fi for today. ;-)

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Very nice that some of you old head-fiers are interested in this! Although people like me don't have any clue on what the old head-fi was like (I've read many nice things about those days, let's put it like that), we simply have to do with what is here now.


At the end, most important thing is to have a nice meet with people who share the same interest. Try some new things, talk to people who are as crazy as yourself (and understand your hobby) etc.


I have no experience with such a meet whatsoever. I guess, dependent on how many of us will be there, we will need:


- sources & music (laptop, ipod/mp3-players, cd's, FLAC's/ALACs etc.)

- several amps. I don't know how it will be exactly, but I can imagine that we want more than 1 or 2 set ups. We will talk, but we will want to listen, do a-b comparisons, etc. So we need not 1 but several amps. (I guess most of us will at least bring their portable rig, so enough players and portable amps)

- cans (f.e., we're up for a very nice portable cans comparison. We already have my Beyer T50p, an ESW10 and an ESW9,)


About Quables and Jan Meier,  I don't know. Would be very cool offcourse, but will they be interested in a meet like this? I guess we would always ask, but I don't know if it's interesting for these guys.


I guess the first thing we have to decide, is the WHEN and WHERE

Where (3 possible options given)

- Eindhoven

- Soest

- Almere




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March, Eindhoven for me

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Hi, I think March would be the best. A meet is only as productive as the gear there is. It is ALSO a lot of fun to meet people who are in the hobby with you but if there is no gear that you are interested in... If we do it in march then we still have some time to round up more head-fiers who might not be as active on the boards anymore but still have some gear they might be willing to bring. I think vvanrij has a lot of nice gear as well but 1.5 year ago he was travelling a lot. Greetings, Anouk,

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Sources is easy, proper amplification is more tricky. It took a Sansui integrated to make my DF sing so if any 300 plus ohms headphones are to be included strong amplifiers are needed. March it is...



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my FiiO E9 can power up to 600


I mean power, offcourse they can't let a 880/600 shine to the fullest, but power isn't a problem, same goes for 300 ohms Senns etc.

E9 is still very underestimated


I can bring it with me, it's not very big

I will have some sort of tube amp by that time, but without a car, I'm not bringing tubes on the train. If there's a ride from The Hague, that would be possible..

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I am thinking of bringing the following:


* iPod Touch

* Goldpoint Headphone Pro

* DT880 closeback

* Fostex T50RP

* Alessandro MS1000


Oh and in case you are wondering what I am doing here... I finished my paper. Should you be interested in the film "Der Baader Meinhof Komplex" / RAF / German terrorism in the '70s I will happily send it to you. It was a relatively small paper so it is only 1500 words. :-)


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I am usually very sceptical but the E7/E9 combo is on the short list of possibilities for the desk top, mostly casual listening. 

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Eindhoven would be best for me but Soest could be an option if it suits more people.


The Goldpoint Headphone Pro...never heard of that. I have missed quite a bit of new items on here like the Audeze stuff etc.
What is all that stuff about the new Head-Fi? I see the looks have changed, the for-sale section and that swearing is not allowed (not sure if that's a new thing though)  but are there more severe changes made here?


Anyway, looking forward already!!

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Well the biggest thing is the hideous product database imo... But let's not dwell on that, not here at least. :-)

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Originally Posted by Deep Funk View Post

I am usually very sceptical but the E7/E9 combo is on the short list of possibilities for the desk top, mostly casual listening. 

 would be a nice possibility for you to try it

for me, I'd like to a-b with a 'said to be better' amp; I really have a feeling this E9 is capable of more then (a part of) the community is giving credits for.


At the end, you only really know if you a-b compare with something else, at the same conditions

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