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Superlux 668b Earpads

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I'm having problems finding a reasonable source to get replacement earpads for these headphones to Canada.

I've seen AKG 240 velour pads on thomann.de but they cost more than the actual headphone to get them shipped here.


Does anyone know if DT 770 earpads work on these headphones?

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I've tried the Beyer pads ("aviation" gel pads) on my 668B and....no go...the Beyers are too small and will not go over the 668B cups, no matter how I tried, and I tried many different methods.


I have read elsewhere here the 770/880/990 pads do not fit.



Once you experience the K240/270 velours you will believe they are well worth it! After all, the 688B is a whale of a bargain as-is.


I did not buy mine through thomann...and can't recall where I got them! [Sweetwater(dotcom) in the US?]


I suggest contacting suppliers that offer the leather pads and see if they can obtain the velour version.

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Just got off the phone with Josh (Employee ID 1375) of Sweetwater (800-222-4700) and he can special order the velours for $34.90/pr (you will need to add your country's shipping cost however).


Apparently, AKG still produces them (as they are included with certain headphone models) yet AKG does not (now) sell them without the 'phones. They will need to be ordered special.


Hope this helps.

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That's awesome! You've been a great help.

If they're special order only there are a few audio stores nearby I will try before I contact www.sweetwater.com for the special order.

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Can somebody post pictures of HD668b with AKG's velour pads?

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Thanks again audiofil, you were very helpful.

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I stand corrected regarding the Beyer velour pads...it appears they fit - but barely!


Must have been fun putting those on. Don't know if they would stay, though.

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Originally Posted by audiofil View Post

That's what they look like with AKG velours: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/483391/noobiiee#post_6663257

Can someone tell me how I can fit the sleeve of the AKG to the Superlux 668 ear cup? Looking at the picture posted above it looks like it can be done but how? My finger is way too big so I guess I need some kind of lever for this. Who has a clue?

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Not hard! Fold the "sleeve" completely back on itself so that it stays. Place the pad on the 'phone and hold them together with one hand. Use your other hand to carefully unfold the sleeve from around the pad...and over the headphone. Don't worry if you need to try it a few times. You won't hurt the sleeve.

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Thanks, it worked! The sleeves are obviously made to be stretched so there is no need to worry ripping them.

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Noticed that headphone.com sells K271, DT770, and DT990 velour pads.. which one of these would be the best fit??

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AKG K271 S Cushions /Pair

Replacement Velour Earpads for AKG K271S, K240, K270 headphones. PAIR.

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@ VolumusMaximus,

I have a hard time believing the Beyer pads are an appropriate fit though audiofil has included a link w/pics showing it is possible. I am quite happy with my K240/K270 velours. They are very easy to install and are a perfect fit to the headphone. Not loose or overly tight.

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Does anyone know it the AKG K601 pads work as well?

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